Priyanka Gandhi slams BJP, says party’s ‘arrogance like that of Duryodhan’

UPDATED ON MAY 07, 2019 05:49 PM IST
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Priyanka Gandhi launched an attack on BJP while addressing a rally in Ambala. Priyanka said the party's 'arrogance is like that of Duryodhan'. “This country has never forgiven arrogance. Even Duryodhan had such arrogance, when Lord Krishna tried to make him see sense, he wanted to take him hostage,” said Priyanka. She quoted poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar to reinforce her remarks. “Jab naash manuj par chaata hai, pehle vivek mar jata hai (When doom looms, first thing a human loses is the ability to discern right from wrong).”


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