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‘Accept’ women and men as unequal, says Taliban education minister: Report

Oct 01, 2023 11:05 PM IST

The duties of the current government are to behave well towards the people and provide security and justice, he said.

Taliban-appointed acting minister of higher education Neda Mohammad Nadim emphasized that based on Sharia, men and women are not equal. The remarks were reported TOLO News and were made during a meeting at Baghlan University. The minister said that attempts are being made to demolish the current system under the pretext of concerns related to women. Noting that despite Western nations trying to demonstrate that men and women have equal rights, women and men are "not equal".

Afghanistan: A Taliban fighter stands guard in Kabul, Afghanistan.(AP)

"The Almighty Allah has distinguished between men and women. A male is the ruler, he has the authority, he must be obeyed, and the woman must accept his world. A woman is not equal to a man; however, they (Western nations) have placed her above a man," Neda Mohammad Nadim said.

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The duties of the current government are to behave well towards the people and provide security and justice, he said.

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"This is the responsibility of the Islamic Emirate: to treat the people well. It should bring ease, it should bring good news, there should be no hatred, there should be no differences among the officials, and the second thing is to ensure security,” he said.

Sayed Sati, a lecturer at Baghlan University said, “The most crucial requirements and conditions that can make a university grow in terms of science and research are the provision of facilities and equipment”, while one of the students Yama Barna said, "The lack of regular transportation for students is the first issue. It should be taken care of because the distance between the city and the institution is great. The second issue is the lack of a dorm, which students have experienced for years."

Afghanistan's women have faced numerous challenges since the Taliban returned to power in 2021 after withdrawal of US-led NATO forces.

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