Does ‘ghost of Kyiv’ really exist? Here's your answer

Former Ukrainian President Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko and The Ukrainian ambassador to the European Union also endorsed the story of the ghost of Kyiv.
The video of ‘ghost of Kyiv’ has been posted by a number of social media users claiming that it's real. (Twitter- @poroshenko)
The video of ‘ghost of Kyiv’ has been posted by a number of social media users claiming that it's real. (Twitter- @poroshenko)
Published on Mar 01, 2022 09:58 AM IST
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By | Written by Ishika Yadav | Edited by Chandrashekar Srinivasan

Stories of Ukrainian citizens and the soldiers of Ukraine doing their part to push back against the Russian invasion continue to go viral online.

One such video, which went viral on Twitter in the initial days of the invasion, showed a fighter aircraft shooting down another in a dog fight. The video was shared on microblogging site Twitter by the username Oleg21 claiming that the pilot has shot six Russian fighter jets.

“Ukrainian pilot who is 6-0 shoots down a Russian Su-35 with his Mig-29. He’s been nicknamed the ghost of Kyiv, and is the first pilot since WW2 to achieve ace status!” he wrote on Twitter.

The video has since gone viral and was posted by a number of social media users claiming that it's a Ukrainian fighter jet.

Former Ukrainian President Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko and The Ukrainian ambassador to the European Union also endorsed the story of the ghost of Kyiv.

Snopes and fact checker website say that the video doing rounds is not real. The video was created with a digital combat simulator, a simulation game that was first released in 2008. It was originally uploaded to YouTube by a user named ‘Comrade_Corb’. In the description box of the video, the user clarifies that the trip is a simulation and is made as a homage to the Ghost of Kyiv.

While there has been no confirmation by the Ukrainian government about the pilot shooting down Russian planes, the video is still being retweeted and reposted on social media for its ‘heroic charm’.

Russia's offensive on Ukraine entered Day 6 with the second largest city of Kharviv witnessing bombardment even as the Kremlin faces increasing isolation on the world stage.

A Ukrainian delegation held talks with Russian officials at the border with Belarus, though they ended with no agreements except to keep talking. French President Emmanuel Macron spoke by phone with Putin, urging him to halt the offensive.

Meanwhile, Western sanctions triggered by the invasion sent the Russian ruble plummeting, leading ordinary Russians to line up at banks and ATMs. And Russian teams were suspended from all international soccer matches, including qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, pushing the country toward sports pariah status.

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