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Clintons earn $109 mn in eight years

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton earned a combined $109 mn in eight years, paid $33.8 mn in taxes and gave away $10.2 mn to charities. They are among the top tier of tax payers in the US.
PTI | By Dharam Shourie, New York
UPDATED ON APR 05, 2008 04:05 PM IST

US Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton earned a combined USD 109 million in eight years, paid USD 33.8 million in taxes and gave away USD 10.2 million to charities, according to the tax returns released by them.

This puts them among the top tier of tax payers in the United States.

Most of their income - after Bill Clinton left office in 2000 - came from the sale of books the two wrote as well as the former President's speaking tours.

Expert tax analysts started closely examining the returns immediately after they were released but at least initially failed to find any smoking gun.

The presidential candidates are not required to release their tax returns under the law but only provide rudimentary information. However, they do release the returns in the interest of transparency and to squash any rumours about their financial position.

Barack Obama, who is fighting Hillary Clinton for Democratic presidential nomination, had earlier released his tax returns and had challenged her to do so.

The documents show that Bill Clinton made much more after leaving the While House and the couple's income shot up to USD 16 million in 2001 from mere USD 350,000 in 2000, their last year in the White house.

In 2000, Clintons had little money and huge legal bills. Bill Clinton's hectic speaking tours brought them USD 52 million.

His speeches command upward of USD 250,000. But book writing proved more lucrative brining them almost USD 92 million, The New York Times says.

The Clinton campaign said the couple has now made public 30 years of tax returns, a record matched by a few people in public service.

"None of Hillary Clinton's presidential opponents have revealed anything close to this amount of personal financial information," it added.

Even as her campaign released the returns, Hillary Clinton lashed out at President George W Bush for his tax cuts which she asserted benefitted the rich.

Stating that she had nothing against the rich people, she admitted that she and her husband had made a lot of money since he left the White House.

"But we didn't ask for George Bush's tax cuts. We did not want them, we did not need them," she said at the Democratic convention in North Dakota.

Bill Clinton's autobiography "My Life" brought him USD 23 million. Hillary Clinton earned USD 10 million from her book "Living History" and another 190,000 from "It Takes a Village."

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