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Priyanka's 5.2 random thoughts

entertainment Updated: Oct 08, 2009 18:58 IST
Priyanka Chopra

I'm in a transitory phase. I've just finished a film and waiting to start another. Which means my mind is also in a transitory mood with nothing concrete to latch onto. So, I thought, there definitely is some food for thought so why not (hey! it even rhymes!), let me share some of varied things running through my head.

Presenting, Priyanka Chopra's 5.2 Random Floating Thoughts! 1. Post Monsoon Showers - Is it global warming? A divine warning? Or just a one-off outpouring (I'm rhyming badly again). Whatever the reason, it was, for me, a very pleasant that I enjoyed thoroughly!

2. The Bro - Ladies this is a serious one. Apparently, some gentlemen in Japan have created the 'Man Bra'! These self confessed metrosexuals are using it as a stress reliever! What? I don't know if I should be affronted or 'supportive'. I'm certain much debate will ensue. My sisters, what's your take? A Sister Series can be made of this!

3. Choc De-Ager© - An innovative, head-to-toe signature CHOCOLATE spa treatment in Singapore! A study shows that cocoa stimulates blood circulation, soothes the mind, detoxifies the body etc. I want! Only problem is I don't know if I can get through the whole session without trying to eat the chocolate!

4. Patakha's - To burst or not to burst? That is the question. I know it's fun and a Diwali tradition, but, they exploit kids to make these crackers. What's more it's a big noise, garbage and pollution menace. Avoidable don't you agree?

5. The Swine has lost its spine - As I continue to rhyme, it seems that a vaccination for the Swine Flu has started to be administered to people across the world. Does this signify the end of the flu or is it a temporary solution? Only time and scientific testing will tell. It's my only 'not-so-random' thought but is definitely a conversation starter..2 (the point two part) is my 'question to the universe' - Are random thoughts actually random? Or are they in fact a sieve to the overflowing thoughts and ideas floating in our heads which only make an appearance when there is less traffic in our brain? Or, are they the creation of a fertile, imaginative mind that is not bound by convention? Maybe you guys can give me an answer?

Not only will leave you with these random thoughts but also with a very implementable, fun, yet random idea. Throw a party? on Saturday night (start after midnight)? to celebrate 'International Noisy Neighbour Day'! Why? Because not everything you do has to have a reason! Disclaimer ? This column may have sounded a bit uncharacteristic of me but I would like to remind you that I am of sound mind and body and that my senses are completely intact! It's the festive season and time for all of us (including me) to have some fun!

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