Now, a Tamil kidnap drama set in a digital world, Lens

  • Gautaman Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times, Chennai
  • Updated: Oct 05, 2015 16:15 IST
Jayaprakash will soon direct a Tamil kidnap drama that takes place in video chat-rooms.

As much as Tamil films can be silly and irksome, they can also be novel -- surprising you with plots that may have never occurred to those in the realm of cinema.

Jayaprakash, who has had a stint as supporting actor in Tamil movies like Urumi and Yennai Arindhaal, will turn director with Lens. This upcoming film, believe it or not, is a hostage drama set in video-chat rooms.

One has heard about kidnappers and hostages in the skies, on ships, in jungles, in cities, but never in the virtual world!

In keeping with the trend of amazingly original themes in Tamil cinema, Lens zeroes in on voyeurism in digital space and the terrible consequences it can produce. The work is said to be an intense narrative.

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Jayaprakash -- who has also written the story -- has scripted a conversation between two people. One of them wants to die, and the other wants to see this death!

This reminds one of some executions in the US which are televised -- of course, to be watched by a few close to the one being given the lethal injection or electrocuted. Morbid but true, this takes us to the time of public hangings. Why even the Italian dictator, Mussolini, hanged from a post in a public square. Some countries still practise this form of barbarity.

A software engineer by profession, Jayaprakash hit upon this idea of Lens when he was talking to a teacher over Skype. In America during his software days, he had joined an acting school, and it was then and there that he realised cinema was his forte.

Back in India, some slips later, Jayaprakash penned Lens. However, the storyline being unusual, big actors did not get on board. Primarily a Tamil movie with some English thrown in, Lens has been shot by SR Kathir and set to music by Siddharth Vipin. The film was wrapped up in 30 days, and is now awaiting an early theatrical opening.

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