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Why India is hungry for the World Cup, again

We Indians are born cricket lovers. Cricket is our religion. Winning this World Cup means a lot to us.

art and culture Updated: Mar 02, 2015 23:48 IST
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We Indians are born cricket lovers. Cricket is our religion. Winning this World Cup means a lot to us. Here are the examples of our love for cricket and hunger for the World Cup.

Most of us do not attend work or school on the days of major matches. In my childhood days, when people attended offices and colleges on the day of a match, they used to carry handheld radios and were highly distracted. Nowadays, all our activities take place around the television set when India are in action. People take the whole day off and shy away from responsibilities with an excuse: "Aaj kam kaun karega, aaj to World Cup ka match hai".

Most Indians are addicted to cricket. Other sports take a back seat here. You will find a cricket team in each lane of our villages and small towns. Here the 'aam aadmi' plays backyard cricket, street cricket, beach cricket, gully cricket and corridor cricket. Corporations organise cricket tournaments for their annual day celebrations and movie stars play cricket for charity. So you will find everyone around is either playing or talking cricket. If a survey is done, India will turn out to be the country having the largest number of cricket bats and balls.

Cricket has been our non-violent way to wage a proxy war with Pakistan, which is definitely more feasible and fun-filled than missiles or nuclear weapons. It's not uncommon to hear people from the losing side suffering heart attacks or committing suicide.

We treat our cricket players like gods. How many Indians turned off their televisions after a Sachin Tendulkar wicket? Indian cities and towns witness hundreds of people gathering at every paan stall's miniature television set trying to get a glimpse of the score. Such gatherings happen only in India.

It is probably the only game India is capable of competing in at the highest level. As we are good at one sport, we want our team to win every match and every trophy.

Also, cricket compliments our Indian psyche. In cricket, we have a lot of excuses like the weather, the pitch, the toss etc. to blame if we lose. Which other game provides this luxury? Cricket is culturally Indian.

Moving on to superstitions during a match, some people do not put their left foot on the ground as they believe India's wicket will fall if they do so. Some others think coughing will take the opponent's wickets so they forcibly cough while watching matches. Ladies wear their lucky bracelets thinking that it will help their favourite players hit a 'six' or a 'four'. We believe all such hogwash helps our team win matches.

We are what we are. We walk cricket, talk cricket, sleep cricket and dream cricket. And so, we want to be world champions again.

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First Published: Mar 02, 2015 23:33 IST