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Want to know your Chinese Horoscope predictions? These are the luckiest signs this week from December 4-10, 2023

Dec 05, 2023 05:42 PM IST

Weekly Chinese horoscope from December 4-10, 2023: Read your Chinese horoscope based on your animal sign.


This week, Rats might feel a tad contemplative but highly focused. There's a certain perceptiveness and intuition in the air, allowing Rats to grasp unspoken nuances quicker than usual.

In Chinese astrology, every sign is either Yin or Yang.
In Chinese astrology, every sign is either Yin or Yang.

Love- In matters of love, December 7th presents a potential decision point, possibly involving choices among various romantic interests. The energy hints at a crossroads, particularly for those finding it challenging to articulate their thoughts or discuss issues with their significant others.

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Friendship- On December 8th, the spotlight shines on friendships, urging Rats to plan a short getaway or indulge in quality time with loved ones. This day also encourages solo adventures, promising exciting encounters and delightful surprises along the way.

Career- December 6th advises maintaining a clear boundary between personal and professional spheres. It cautions against inadvertently causing offense and suggests finding moments of calm through focused breathing exercises when overwhelmed.


The cosmic energies urge Oxen to reassess their pursuits, revealing potential misalignments between current endeavours and their genuine aspirations. There's a suggestion of inadvertently investing substantial time and effort into ventures or dreams that might not truly resonate with Oxen's core desires, potentially leading to future regrets.

Love- December 5th signifies a pivotal moment to open up to significant others, revealing certain layers of oneself to deepen emotional connections.

Friendship- December 4th and 5th, emphasize vigilance about those within one's inner circle. There's a cautionary note urging Oxen to pay heed to gut feelings or intuitive hunches regarding people who might have ulterior motives or exploit their trust.

Career- December 10th heralds an auspicious period, encouraging Oxen to seize the cosmic backing to make strides in professional spheres. Dressing for success might prove advantageous during this time.


Tigers find themselves amidst an energetic wave ideal for initiating new ventures or projects. While some might interpret this as a literal push towards gardening or planting, the broader interpretation invites Tigers to embark on new endeavors, even encompassing financial plans or investment strategies.

Love- December 4th marks a significant day, even if love might take a bit of a backseat this week due to other commitments. However, this could represent a milestone in relationships, a juncture where progress is acknowledged and appreciated.

Friendship- December 5th, urging Tigers to recognize the potential within themselves to manifest dreams and desires. It's a call to action, emphasizing the need to take charge and create something extraordinary out of scattered thoughts and plans.

Career- December 7th offers a tranquil period where work progresses steadily without significant disruptions. It's a time to appreciate the routine and stability within professional pursuits.


Rabbits are advised to find balance this week to prevent emotional overexertion caused by unscrupulous individuals. While empathy is commendable, it's essential not to lose sight of personal boundaries and responsibilities towards oneself and loved ones.

Love- December 9th emphasizes manifestation abilities, inviting Rabbits to utilize this cosmic boost to conduct love rituals or channel desires. This could involve activities like using pink candles and rose petals to amplify intentions.

Friendship- December 9th holds significance for friendships as well, acknowledging potential time constraints that might hinder quality time with friends. However, even a simple gesture, like sending goofy texts or sharing memes, can bridge the gap.

Career- December 8th stresses the importance of trusting intuition. This might involve relying on inner guidance to navigate professional choices and steer clear of potentially toxic individuals. Carrying a fire quartz palmstone could serve as a tangible reminder of this intuition.


Dragons might encounter someone from their past this week, potentially bringing about a mix of emotions and providing an opportunity for closure or a different approach to past situations.

Love- December 4th holds significance. Dragons are cautioned about ex-partners attempting to re-enter their lives, potentially with promises of change. However, it's advised to maintain caution and give oneself space to avoid falling for manipulations.

Friendship- December 10th, urging Dragons to prioritize personal well-being. Taking alone time for rest and rejuvenation is essential, allowing for introspection and avoiding unnecessary guilt when canceling plans.

Career- December 9th encourages focusing on positive aspects at work, even amidst potential setbacks. It emphasizes maintaining a positive outlook even when faced with challenges in the professional sphere.


Snakes are encouraged to trust their inner intuition this week, despite facing uncertain paths. This innate knowing can guide them towards the right decisions supported by cosmic forces.

Love- December 9th prompts Snakes to be vigilant about relationship dynamics, cautioning against demeaning behaviour masked by false pretences. Recognizing and addressing gaslighting tactics became crucial during this period.

Friendship- December 9th may bring about inspiring ideas and inspirations. Following these thoughts might lead to exciting adventures and connections with significant individuals.

Career-December 8th advises a team-oriented approach. Understanding and meeting the needs of colleagues can strengthen professional relationships and leadership capabilities.


Horses are urged to stand by their principles, avoiding association with unethical actions or individuals engaged in wrongdoing. This week emphasizes the importance of integrity amidst challenging circumstances.

Love- December 7th underscores prioritizing personal needs, reminding Horses that neglecting intrinsic desires can lead to complications. Trusting the process, even in complex situations, is crucial.

Friendship- December 6th about certain individuals who may not genuinely be friends. Trusting intuition and acknowledging heightened instincts is essential during this time.

Career- December 4th advises Horses to deliberate carefully and avoid rushing into choices. Taking time to assess situations can prevent avoidable mistakes and subsequent rework.


For Goats, a revelation within the family or concerning a family member may surface this week, possibly from a grandparent. It's advised to take time to process this information before reacting.

Love- December 4th highlights the importance of balancing priorities. There might be a tendency to focus excessively on love life, whereas the cosmic energies suggest a more career-oriented phase.

Friendship- December 5th could trigger old memories. It's encouraged not to blame oneself for everything and instead examine these experiences to uncover limiting beliefs that might be holding one back.

Career- December 9th prompts Goats to brace for a potential challenge with an influential figure. Taking this seriously and navigating it diligently can lead to victory despite obstacles.


Monkeys are encouraged to embrace their intuition and subconscious mind, which might communicate more strongly this week. Listening to these internal cues can offer crucial guidance for the future.

Love- December 9th advises against ignoring red flags, especially when tempted to take a leap of faith with the wrong person. Paying attention to warning signs is crucial to prevent heartbreak.

Friendship- December 4th suggest introspection about unfulfilled aspirations. Journaling thoughts and identifying obstacles preventing goal achievement is recommended.

Career- December 6th and 7th urge Monkeys to assess team dynamics realistically. While some situations might be beyond repair, recognizing salvageable circumstances is essential.


Roosters are prompted to spend quality time with loved ones, reminiscing about past stories and nurturing family bonds in a relaxed setting.

Love- December 8th emphasizes seeking long-term commitment and compatibility over fleeting romantic interactions. Prioritizing meaningful connections is vital during this time.

Friendship- December 9th might restrict direct engagement, but creative gestures can convey thoughts and maintain connections.

Career- December 10th advises Roosters to maintain a balance, emphasizing rest and recuperation. Taking strategic breaks can pave the way for future progress.


Dogs find themselves at a pivotal moment in relationships. It's essential to navigate these crossroads with careful consideration and avoid swaying from intrinsic values due to distractions or emotional pressures.

Love- December 4th advises retreating for clear thinking. Avoiding distractions and emotional manipulations ensures decisions are made with clarity.

Friendship- December 10th prompts speaking one's mind and setting boundaries. True friends will respect these, while others may not.

Career- December 10th advises standing firm for self-respect and self-esteem, separating love life from professional pursuits.


For Pigs, mentors and teachers might play a significant role this week, providing valuable insights and wisdom to aid personal growth.

Love- December 8th emphasizes outlining one's idea of a loving relationship, allowing for deeper reflections beyond idealized notions.

Friendship- December 9th might entail ending negative habits or toxic connections, relying on intuition to discern these situations.

Career- December 9th suggests reviewing past experiences to gain insights. Delving into more challenging past experiences might yield clearer realizations.

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