Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 27th Feb to 5th March 2023 | Astrology - Hindustan Times

Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 27th Feb to 5th March 2023

Feb 26, 2023 09:00 AM IST

Bejan Daruwala's son Chirag Daruwala writes down weekly horoscope predictions on HindustanTimes.com. Find out what the planets have predicted for these signs from 27th February to 5th March 2023.

Aries Ganesha says not only will there be chances of improvement in your poor health this week, but you will also get some good news in your life. In such a situation, instead of keeping your happiness to yourself, share it with others. Because this will also show a good effect on your health, as well as you will be able to double that happiness. You will get proper appreciation and promotion at work from your seniors. With the increase in your income, you can earn good money. To increase in your income, you will earn good money. Your expenses will increase, which will make it more difficult for you to save money. In such a situation, intensify your efforts towards increasing your bank balance by keeping control of your hands. With this increasing respect in the family, your relationship with other members will be strengthened. This week, apart from your work, there will be more attention to fulfilling your comforts. In such a situation, put your mind only towards the goals and avoid emotional things. Otherwise, trouble may arise for you. The horoscope of the students of your zodiac sign says that this time is looking most favorable for you. Because at this time you will be able to get favorable results even while being a little cautious towards education.

Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for 27th Feb to 5th March 2 023.(Pixabay)
Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for 27th Feb to 5th March 2 023.(Pixabay)

Taurus Ganesha says this week will not be like the days when you used to prove lucky. That's why whatever you say during this time, speak thoughtfully. Because small talk can turn into a big day-long argument and this can lead to unnecessary mental stress. You may have to think twice before investing in all the schemes that come in front of the people of Taurus this week because it is possible that there is some secret conspiracy behind the opportunity coming in front of you, due to which you may have to bear the brunt in the future. In the workplace, this week you will see progress in your work. Seeing your skills, other colleagues will also be seen praising you and taking advice from you. When it comes to your boss or superiors, even if they don't appreciate your work in front of you, in a meeting, or in front of others. Show your positive example. Will not be able to stop praising me fiercely. Most of the vacation time of many students this week may be wasted repairing household items, which may make students feel bad.

Gemini Ganesha says although this week you will be full of energy all the time, still you have to pay attention to your diet. In such a situation, stay away from stale food and do not miss your food even by mistake. Also, keep consuming fruits in between as much as possible. At the beginning of this week itself, all kinds of financial problems coming into your life will be resolved and by improving it in the middle of the week, it can be easy for you to buy many important things. This allows you to be seen adding to your comfort. There are many strong forces conspiring against you this week at the workplace. That's why you should avoid taking such steps right now, due to which you and he can come face to face. Because this can cause excessive stress, which will also have a negative impact on family life. This week you need to understand that if you do not hesitate to open your plans in front of everyone then you are spoiling your project. Because it is possible that your opponents can harm you by taking advantage of your weakness. Students who were dreaming of getting admission in a good school or college may face some disappointment this week. Because it is possible that you may get such news through someone which can make your mind sad.

Cancer Ganesha says due to your good mood this week, your confidence can also increase. Due to your good health, you can take special care of your health as well as the health of your family members. In such a situation, you may need to take good food and drink regularly, avoiding the consumption of cold things. Our elders always used to teach us that 'the more you spread the sheet, the more you spread your legs' and this idiom is going to fit perfectly for your zodiac sign this week. Because during this time you will need to control yourself the most while avoiding spending. Short visits to relatives can prove to bring some solace and peace in your fast-paced life. During this time you will be able to give enough time to your family. So let them feel that you care for them. For this spend a good time with them and don't give them a chance to complain. From a professional point of view, this week is likely to prove to be very good for the natives of your zodiac sign. This week can be especially favorable for the students of this zodiac. Because this time will support you to a great extent, but during this time you will need to leave your laziness and keep yourself fresh by taking part in physical activities whenever you get time. That's why first of all give up laziness, only then success will be in your hands. During this time you will find that your life partner is your true companion, whom you can trust blindly.

Leo Ganesha says do not neglect your health this week and avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible. Because chances are being made that your close friends may suddenly take you to a party. Where in the process of having more fun than necessary, you will spoil your health by drinking alcohol. In the second part of this week, you can get some big financial benefits, due to which you can plan to buy a new house or vehicle. The members of the house can also be very happy with the purchase of your new goods. Arguments with younger members of the house will create annoyance in your mind this week. Due to an increase in your mental stress, there may be a distance in your relationship with them. Because this week is going to bring some good changes and unexpected events in your life, which you have been waiting for a long time. Leo students may not have to work hard this week to get good marks in the field of education. Even after working less hard this week, you will be able to get better marks than usual.

Virgo Ganesha says take part in some charitable work for mental peace. You can actively participate in social and religious activities. Because this can help you create a different identity in society along with mental peace. You can easily collect money this week. There is a possibility that you may get back the old loan given to you during this time, or there is also a possibility that you may earn some money during this time to invest in your new one. Project. This week you will get some good news in your life due to which you will celebrate your happiness by having fun and partying with your friends. But this week your coming home drunk can disturb the family members. So don't let the fun and frolic at home spoil your image and avoid doing anything that will cause you embarrassment in the family. Businessmen may have to take a big decision this week to achieve their goals. However, do not let your ego come in between while taking any kind of decision this week. Also, take the help of your junior colleagues if needed and consider their ideas and suggestions. If you were thinking of taking admitted to a good and big college away from home, then the possibilities are looking more favorable at this time.

Libra Ganesha says in terms of health, this week the conditions will appear completely in your favor. Along with this, elders of the Libra zodiac can also get relief from old problems of knees and hands during this period. This week you may need to take special care of your belongings. There is a possibility that someone may steal your valuables at the workplace, due to which you will also suffer financial loss. That's why it is better that you do not be negligent about the security of your belongings. This week you will need to focus on your company. So especially stay away from people whose bad habits can have a negative effect on you. Also, you are advised to avoid introducing them to your family members. This week in the workplace, you can meet that special person, whom almost everyone wants to meet at the workplace. But by making these impossible possible with the strength of your hard work and dedication, you may be able to meet them. In such a situation, go with full preparation at the time of meeting him and avoid talking nonsense in front of him, which can harm your image. The feeling of loneliness is very dangerous and this feeling can try to push many students back. Especially those students who study away from home.

Scorpio Ganesha says your habit of overeating and frequent eating can give you some problems this week. Therefore, it would be better for you to rectify this habit as soon as possible and bring about the right changes in it. You can also resort to regular exercise to keep yourself healthy. Due to a sudden big profit this week, you can decide to invest your money in a big investment. If you do not test all possible risks, you may be at increased risk of harm in the future. This week you can prove to be lucky in terms of family life. Because there is a possibility that the purchase of a new vehicle in the family will bring harmony to the home environment. Along with this, if any member of the house is eligible for marriage, then after their marriage is confirmed, you will also get an opportunity to eat good dishes. However, during this time you will actively participate in domestic work, which will earn you respect among other family members and relatives. You will have to face many obstacles in the workplace, which will not be easy for you to overcome. During this, students studying IT, engineering, etc. Even after working less, you will be able to get good results. Because there is a possibility that whatever exam you will give during this time, you can get a chance to show your talent by getting good marks in it. The intoxication of the pleasures of married life will dominate your mind and heart this week. Because of this, whenever you get time, you will find yourself in the arms of your partner. During this, while talking openly with each other, you will also inform your partner about the circumstances of your life.

Sagittarius Ganesha says with positivity in your vision this week, you will need to clear the fog around you with your efforts. Because you have to understand that this dust is hindering your progress so now it's time to get out of it and do something good. This week, the movement of planets and constellations is telling that if you make any investment after listening to others, then the financial loss is almost certain. Therefore, avoid investing money anywhere on the advice of others and act wisely. If any member of the house was troubled by any health-related problem, then this week the right change in their treatment will be helpful in bringing harmony to health. Due to this, there will be sweetness in the family atmosphere as well, as well as small children of the house can request you to take them out on a picnic somewhere. The beginning of the week is going to be very impressive in terms of the career of Sagittarius people. Because during this time an important journey will start in your life, so before doing this, take permission from your parents. Otherwise, they may embarrass you in front of others by objecting later. Watching TV all week is more like education than entertainment and neglecting your exams. This can also cause eye strain. Which will directly affect your studies.

Capricorn Ganesha says this week you have to take special care of your food and drink. This week, the people of Capricorn should pay attention to their diet and avoid eating outside as much as possible. This week, suddenly you can get money from new sources, due to which your mind can be happy. Not only will this increase positivity in your mind, but you can also plan to pick up gifts for the younger members of the household while you go home. This week, you can have a big dispute with your family members regarding something. During this time you will feel that the people of your house are not able to understand you. Because of this, you can take a big decision even after going far away. The planetary positions this week are indicating that during this time some disputes may arise in your relations with siblings, friends, relatives, and colleagues. Due to its effect, negativity will come into your mind and you may fail to think of any plan to move forward in your career. If you want to get success in competitive exams, then during this time you will have to work hard. Because during this week you are likely to get good results from your hard work. Though there may be some minor hurdles in the way of pursuing higher education, your hard work may definitely pay off and you may be able to solve all those problems single-handedly.

Aquarius Ganesha says this week you should avoid all kinds of travel, otherwise, you will feel tired and stressed due to this. Whose negative effect will also be visible on your health? Financially, there can be many improvements in the life of your Aquarius natives this week. Due to this, you may be able to clear your long pending bills and loans with ease. Avoid lending money to anyone. This week you may need to rectify your habit of arguing with others, having differences, or finding fault in the actions of others. A colleague at work may take advantage of your gullibility. Because there are chances that you may share your thoughts or some plans regarding your career with a woman and she may not keep those things to herself. and may tell someone who is troubling you. may cause. Mercury is present in the eleventh house for you, with its influence this week all the problems in education from the past will be solved. With this, you will achieve a good position in the field of your education and you will get good results. Because at this time your mind will naturally be inclined towards your education. Seeing which your family members will also feel proud of you. However, at this time keep your distance from all those people, who can waste most of your time on unnecessary work.

Pisces Ganesha says at this time your immune system will be very weak, so if necessary take the necessary medicine before falling sick. But you should also avoid treating every problem yourself at home. This week will bring massive improvement in your financial condition. But letting your money flow continuously like water is not a sign of wisdom but of foolishness. Because there is a strong possibility of hindrance in your plans. By this, you will not only turn them against you but also you will not get any cooperation from them in this decision of yours. This week, the people of your zodiac sign are likely to get excellent results in the field, because, on the strength of your discipline and hard work, you will be able to progress in your job as well as in your position. Increase salary by adopting every diplomatic strategy in the workplace. In such a situation, students can destroy all kinds of negativity arising in their minds by taking the help of yoga and meditation this week.

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