Hrithik’s fangirl Angela Krislinzki hits out at rumours about her cosmetic surgery
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Hrithik’s fangirl Angela Krislinzki hits out at rumours about her cosmetic surgery

Angela Krislinzki aka Annie is the same girl who was in season one of the reality show Splitsvilla; she looks completely different now from how she looked back then. How did this happen? Angela tells us all.

bollywood Updated: Apr 15, 2017 16:27 IST
Monika Rawal Kukreja
Monika Rawal Kukreja
Hindustan Times
Angela Krislinzki,Hrithik Roshan,Annie Krislinzki
Angela Krislinzki refutes rumours that she has undergone skin and eye surgeries to look the way she does now.

Model-turned-actor Angela Krislinzki became an overnight sensation after an interview in which she called actor Hrithik Roshan “a friend and mentor”. Taken aback, the actor tweeted, “Dear lady, who are you and why are you lying.” It created more of a buzz because Angela was then rumoured to be the new girl in Hrithik’s life. Putting an end to all these reports, Angela replied with an apology to Hrithik and blamed the controversy on “misleading” headlines; the actor acknowledged this and wished her luck. And that was that.

Pictures of Angela from her days as a Splitsvilla contestant have surfaced on the Internet.

Now, Angela is again in the midst of a controversy: pictures of her from her days as a Splitsvilla contestant have surfaced on the Internet, and they are being compared with her current photos, suggesting that she has undergone drastic cosmetic procedures to look fairer and light-eyed. Even her name and Spanish-Polish origin has come under the scanner. In an exclusive chat with Hindustan Times, Angela clears the air about her name, nationality and rumoured surgeries.


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How would you introduce yourself – Annie or Angela?

My name on my passport, birth certificate and all my legal documents is Angela Krislinzki. So, if someone calls me Annie, Anna, Ann or whatever... they are only nicknames. I haven’t changed my name. It’s so horrible when people come and tell me that I’ve changed my identity and that they have exposed me. Tell me, who am I? Am I a murderer or a robber or a criminal? What did they expose and how did they expose [it]? Do I have some criminal background, which they’ve found and have traced me?

There’s a lot of confusion about your place of birth and nationality also.

I’d like to clarify that I am an Indian national. My surname was always Krislinzki and I am not faking my ethnicity. My dad is Polish, so I get the surname from him. Also, he is currently working in Spain, but that doesn’t make me Spanish, though I have lived in Spain for some time. I’m born in India and I’m a Mumbai girl, aur main bahut achhe se Hindi mein baat kar leti hoon. (I can talk very well in Hindi).

But why would someone spread such rumours?

I don’t know. They’re changing the information on my Wikipedia page and it’s not under my control. They’ve written that I am a graduate in Hindi literature, which is not true. I have a Masters [degree] in Psychology and all my professors in college (KC College, Mumbai) can validate this.

There are reports that you participated in the reality show Splitsvilla Season 1? Is that true? Or are you denying that?

No. Why would I deny that? Nobody has asked me about it. Rather, I participated in many reality shows, besides doing TV commercials and movies in South [India].

On Splitsvilla, everyone knew you as Annie...

It’s a nickname. Back in college, my friends used to call me Annie and it was cool to have nicknames. So when I was on the show, I was called by a certain nickname. But now that I’ve grown up, I feel I should go with the name on [my] documents, or it gets confusing when you start working.

There are photos of you from the show, in which you look drastically different from how you look now. Do you admit that it’s you in those pictures?

Yes. But if you have seen the initial episodes (of Splitsvilla), you’d know that on such reality shows, we are under tremendous heat and have to perform several tasks for 40 days, so tanning is normal. And certain pictures that have gone viral are under such dirty lighting.

What about all the surgeries that you’ve reportedly undergone to look the way you do now?

You know, I get very offended and hurt upon reading these articles, but then I find them funny when I discuss [them] later. Some people are saying that I’ve opted for some eye surgery. Hello! I have brown eyes. I admit that I wear lenses, and don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Millions of girls out there wear lenses, altering the way they look on certain occasions.

And have you taken some skin treatment, too, to improve your skin tone?

I read somewhere that I’ve peeled some five layers of my skin. I really want to know from a dermatologist if it’s really possible. I understand someone peeling one superficial layer… but five? What does skin surgery really mean? Peeling off the entire skin and putting [on] new skin? And where does that new skin come from? I have no idea about this and I even Googled [to see] whether such a thing even exists. And if it’s practically possible, why aren’t lots of dusky people doing that?

But then how do you look so fair in all your pictures?

I’m not this white, as I look in the pictures. Most girls look very different in their Instagram photos, so please don’t judge on that basis. Plus, there are so many filters that we all use. I’m just an Indian skin-toned fair girl. Also, there are so many factors that play an important role while taking a picture, such as good lighting, editing, makeup, camera etc.

Do you think all these reports will have a negative impact on your career?

Honestly, I’m not interested in Bollywood. I was doing such good projects down South, but with all this speculation, I don’t know where my career is headed now. I feel my life is over. Right now, I don’t even feel like working in South [India]. I am so upset. These articles on my personal life have screwed me psychologically. I am a girl and at the end of the day, I want to get married also. What about that?

Some people think it was all to get publicity and bag more work. Is there any truth in that?

I don’t want this fame. I want to live peacefully. I feel like leaving everything and just going somewhere. I have reached a point where I am like, ‘What the hell, this is not what I want!’

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First Published: Apr 14, 2017 20:06 IST