I’m expecting big things out of my first film: Brett Lee

Former Australian cricketer Brett Lee has now signed a film -- an Indo-Australian production -- Unindian. Speaking about the his acting debut, Lee said, "I hope that everyone really likes it, and likes Brett Lee the actor."
Hindustan Times | By Shalvi Mangaokar, Mumbai
UPDATED ON SEP 06, 2014 12:11 PM IST

Former Australian cricketer Brett Lee has been getting acting offers for years, but it’s only now that he’s signed a film — an Indo-Australian production.

"I’ve had many opportunities come across the table, but I rejected almost every single one," he informs us. It was the chance to play a lead role, along with the script, that ‘bowled’ him over. "Also, it’s a chance to support what is Australian and Indian," he adds.

The fast bowler, who spends a lot of time in India for the IPL as well as his charity endeavours, says that further down the line, he’ll be open to Bollywood too.

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"I’m open to Bollywood films further down the line. I think they are fantastic and colourful. When you think of Bollywood, you think of singing and dancing; you think of the typical love story," he says adding that his film is a love story with a dash of comedy in it.

Brett’s friendship with Bollywood stars should also make that move easy. Since he has played for cricket teams owned by Preity Zinta and Shah Rukh Khan, he counts both actors among his friends. He says, "Preity is obviously one of the biggest stars... And it was fantastic working with Shah Rukh; he is always so lively and upbeat, that it’s great [to be around him]. They’re two amazing actors."

Already in the midst of preparations for the film, he tells us that there’s plenty more rehearsals and study material coming his way. "It’s a beautiful script about a young Indian divorcee, and we happen to fall in love. I’m expecting big things out of the film and I hope that everyone really likes it, and likes Brett Lee the actor," says the ex-cricketer.

The film, titled Unindian, is being backed by the Australia India Film Fund.

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