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I might not agree with your opinion, but why can’t I not have an opinion: Katrina Kaif

The reclusive Katrina Kaif talks about being on social media, protecting her personal life, and having opinions.

bollywood Updated: May 16, 2017 19:13 IST
Sneha Mahadevan
Sneha Mahadevan
Hindustan Times
Katrina Kaif,Instagram,Facebook
Katrina Kaif says she likes being on Facebook and now, Instagram. (Yogen Shah)

The extremely private Katrina Kaif surprised everyone when she made her social media debut last year, but she quickly gained a lot of followers. The actor also recently joined photo sharing platform Instagram to give her fans and followers “a peek into her ‘real’ life”. Katrina says that she was initially wary of having a presence on social media, but the actor now admits that her fears were ‘unnecessary’. Excerpts from an interview:

You are known to be fiercely private as far as your personal life is concerned. Has that changed a bit now that you’re on social media?

Not really. I’m personal about the things in my life that involve other people. Personal life has two definitions: one that is your life and the other that involves your relationships or the partner you are with. In terms of people wanting a peek into my personal world, I’m comfortable with that. It’s me showing them parts of my life that I am happy to show. I have no qualms about that; I’m not a closed person in that sense. But throughout my career, I have never been a big fan of talking about another person. Because, how can I speak for and about another person unless, you are as sure as you can be? And a lot of times, even when you are as sure as you can be, things change. If you are 100% sure about that department of your life, then you can be vocal and open about it. But until then, what’s the point? The lesson to be learnt is that [you should] just speak for yourself and let the other person speak for themselves.

Recently, Sushant Singh Rajput was caught in a bit of a situation when he refused to answer questions about a national issue. Do you think it’s increasingly becoming necessary for celebrities to have an opinion on everything?

Actually, that’s a very good question. The answer for me is, no. For some people it might be yes. It’s not necessary for me to have an opinion on everything. You might be right or I might not agree with your opinion, but why can’t I not have an opinion? I’m not well informed about half the things that go on in the world. Until I really want to sit down and do my research, I’d rather not say anything that I’m not sure about. If you are going to speak your mind on any sensitive topic, then by all means, have all the information available.

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Do you Google yourself to see what is written about you?

I only Google myself when people around me are freaking out about some piece of information that is all over. Then I go to Google to check the news feed to find that everyone’s talking about the same thing because of similar headlines. Then, if I have to, I will pay attention to what the person is saying. If not, then I’m like, it’s okay, it will come and it will go.

First Published: May 16, 2017 19:12 IST