I will keep on blowing cars: Rohit Shetty

The starcast of Singham Returns — Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor Khan and director Rohit Shetty, were at their candid best when they visited the HT House recently. The trio shares some insightful experiences.

bollywood Updated: Aug 15, 2014 14:55 IST
Torsha Sen
Torsha Sen
Hindustan Times
Kareena Kapoor,Ajay Devgn,Rohit Shetty

The leading stars of Singham Returns — Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor Khan — and the director of the film, Rohit Shetty, were at their candid best when they visited the HT House recently, to interact with the winners of HT City Stars in the City contest and promote their film that ­releases today.

In a session ­moderated by Hindustan Times’s National Entertainment and Lifestyle Editor, Sonal Kalra, the trio gave insightful replies to the questions put forth by the ­winners.

How many cars did you blow up Rohit, before you reached HT House?


I will never do such things in reality, but kids love all these thing and I actually do it for them. So, till the time they love it, I will keep on ­blowing cars. (laughs)

After rejecting many films, you ­ultimately agreed to do Singham Returns. Why?


I have worked with Ajay and Rohit in Golmaal. I have always been tempted to work with good directors. I think Rohit is the best that we have, and what he is, I think, no one else can do in terms of entertainment.

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A PIL has been filed with an ­Allahabad court against the film.


Yes, it was about the word


. The PIL states that in the film, pravachan has been called ‘do khaudi ka’. But there is no ­issue because even before this came up, we removed it from the film.

Rohit, you have stated earlier that real-life instances inspire you to make films. At the same time, there is also a lot of creative ­imagination to your film. How do you balance the two?


That’s the genre I make. I make commercial films and to entertain the audiences you need to blend a lot of things such as reality, dream, heroism and something that you want to see. Even if you make an over-the-top film, there has to be a little bit of sense in it.

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There have been instances of ­people not promoting their film or suddenly losing all faith in the final product.


When a film doesn’t work, it’s a producers’ film, it’s an actor’s film. It’s a human ­tendency that when you ­realise that it’s not going to work, you start repenting. I wouldn’t say it is professional to do so. We are working as a team and failure should be accepted by everybody.

Has Kajol seen any of the cuts?


No. They (my family) have seen the promos, they love the songs and my ­daughter has told me that her class friends want to see the film. She has kept a separate trial for them.

There were reports of a fallout ­between you and Karan (Johar).


How can ­people really believe that? He is a dear friend and I have worked with him in so many films. Me not doing a film can’t hamper our ­relationship.

Which was the toughest action sequence to shoot?


I think the scenes shot in this film were the toughest because we had already made Singham, and after that in every film 25 ­people were flying, so, it was like what we had done was looking very outdated. We had to try some new stuff.


This time the action goes with the drama. Usually the action sequences and the plot is separate. Here, the action is little more real. Yes, Bajirao Singham is powerful like a superhero but he reacts the way any normal human being would do.

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