Independence Day 2018: Celebs reveal that one thing they did towards making a better India
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Independence Day 2018: Celebs reveal that one thing they did towards making a better India

This Independence Day, we asked celebrities to recall incidents when they gave back to society, whether by using their position as public figures or in their personal lives. Here’s what they had to say.

bollywood Updated: Aug 14, 2018 16:43 IST
Nimrat Kaur,Shreyas Talpade,Mary kom
Being able to raise awareness and money for underprivileged girls made Mallika very proud

Most Bollywood and television celebrities remain busy throughout the year balancing their professional commitments and personal life. However, they still ensure that they don’t shirk away from using their position as a public figure to make this society a better place to live.

This Independence Day, we asked some celebrities to recall any particular thing or incident where they got a chance to do something for the society, which eventually will help us in overcoming the many issues plaguing our country.

Read on to find out what they told us:


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The government had once asked soldiers whom they would like to meet, and so me and Salman Khan were approached. We both readily said yes. We were made to sign a declaration form that said that the government would not be liable if anything happened to us. The danger did not deter us, and we didn’t think about it as we flew over in an Army helicopter in Dras and tiger top Kargil. We landed at the army camps, and met all the braves who were ready to sacrifice everything and give up their lives so that we could live in peace. At the Srinagar Army hospital, I met a brave who was disappointed that he had only lost a leg in a grenade blast,which was thrown towards them. He wanted to give his head for the nation.


It was the time when I decided to make my first film, Mary Kom. That was a story I wanted the nation to know, about the boxer Mary Kom, who won so many awards and accolades for our country. Her story is really inspirational. Being a mother and a sportswoman, the way she managed her family with sports, is truly inspiring. And it was my way of giving back to society by telling a story through the medium of cinema, which inspired me personally and also inspired the nation after they watched it.


When I became the brand ambassador for Free A Girl and was able to raise awareness and money for these underprivileged girls, it made me very proud. Until and unless women are not safe in India, it will be impossible to fully realise our potential as a country. I feel very strongly about these girls who are constantly violated and subjugated. Through this campaign, I intend to help end their subjugation and make them free. I will continue to fight to create a society where women live with pride and dignity and not with worry.


I do my bit privately, but I am not formally attached with anything. The cause I feel strongly about is animal safety, they shouldn’t be mistreated. Also, I make sure to keep my surroundings clean, and hate looking at dirty streets. I can’t think of a singular thing, because I don’t think like that. I don’t do something and make a note of it. I like to do whatever I can towards these causes, being a responsible citizen. Also, (I am against) disrespect towards women.


Water conservation is the need of the hour, therefore I decided to keep closing running taps everywhere I go, be it in restaurants, malls, parties, a friend’s place, also my own house. We, being in the cities, are privileged to get regular water supply, the least we could do is not waste it out of lethargy!


New Goals...New progress.

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Last year, I got an opportunity to spend time with Army soldiers at the recruitment and training unit in Maratha Light Infantry, Belgaum. I spent the day with them, learning how to load a gun, take positions, saw their training and the workshops, and the efforts they put in. I had lunch with them in their mess, and spent the evening chatting about whether anyone had any girlfriend, how much they missed their family, etc and danced too. They go through so many things, and the sacrifices they make are immense. Not everybody can do what they do. If you can’t be at the border with them, there are things you can do in the capacity of your profession.


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The one thing I cherish is visiting old age homes, and spending time with people there. I do this every now and then and talking to them makes me happy. I get to learn about their journeys, because there’s so much they have to tell. Also, with increasing crime against the elders, people need to remember that when they were young and didn’t know how to do anything, these elders taught and supported them. Growing up and not having time for them in return is not justified.


I am really proud that I contribute regularly to an organisation called Give Her 5. it’s an organisation set up to help girls in rural India get safe sanitary wear. I think everyone should go out and donate, and please contribute however you can. You can buy even a cup of coffee in that contribution


Energy conservation is the need of the hour, and therefore, the little I can do is taking part faithfully in the Earth Hour every year. It makes me feel happy and instils a sense of fulfilment, that I am able to do something along with everyone, for the betterment of my home, my country and the planet.


We live in a society that needs to be reminded about keeping their surroundings clean. People say Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan did not have any impact but not all revolutions need to have great effect right from the beginning. It made us aware of the harmful things we were doing to our own country, and how we made it look dirty. Thinking of the initiative, I made a promise to myself to keep my surroundings clean, by not throwing wrappers around, and constantly requesting people to not do the same.


I feel illiteracy is one of the biggest problems in our country and hence, I decided to sponsor the education of my domestic help’s daughter. She’s an intelligent student, but due to financial issues, my domestic help wasn’t able to send her to a good school. I feel sponsoring her education is my small contribution to the life of a bright student, and also helping the society.


On Women’s Day last year, I got a chance to visit Kamathipura (red light area in Mumbai). People there recognised me; I spent an hour talking to them about life and many other things. The connect formed was really honest, and the conversation we had was very good. They were excited due to my presence, and I still can’t forget the smiles that were there on their faces.


There may be monetary fines on using plastic bags now, but I stopped using them a long time back. Why do we always need a warning to stop or start something positive? I have also instructed my family to ban plastic bags totally. If we can’t protect nature itself, then how will we save our country?

First Published: Aug 14, 2018 16:43 IST