Actor Athiya Shetty has complained how she has been having sleep issues
Actor Athiya Shetty has complained how she has been having sleep issues

Losing the snooze amid Covid-19 crisis: Celebs share their struggles with insomnia and how to tackle it

Actors such as Athiya Shetty, Nimrat Kaur, Sonnalli Seygall, among others have revealed how they are plagued by sleeplessness
Hindustan Times | By Shreya Mukherjee
UPDATED ON APR 15, 2020 04:24 PM IST

In such testing times, there’s a growing sense of despair and uncertainty in people. Even some studies show how people are going through an emotional crisis. And much like others, celebrities, too, are complaining about how tension and boredom are leading to insomnia.

While Athiya Shetty shared a photograph on Instagram and captioned it “Can’t sleep”, Bengali actor Swastika Mukherjee tweeted about how even physical exhaustion isn’t helping. “Jhadu-Pochha-Bartan-Kapda-Roti-Bartan... Not necessarily in that order... No sleep,” wrote Mukherjee. 

Actor Nimrat Kaur shares that her friends have been telling her about how they’re losing sleep. “People are going through all sorts of sleep and anxiety disorders. These are difficult times and the stress is affecting us all. I also took time myself to accept the situation and started following a routine to feel better,” she adds.

As a social influencer, though actor Sayantani Ghosh is trying her bit to spread smiles, she admits she gets tense a lot too sometimes. “The death tolls rising, the fear that the end of the lockdown might lead to more people being infected is giving me sleepless nights. I stay awake thinking how she would face the situation or how will this virus get eradicated. I also see my brother staying awake too... I anyway have OCD for cleanliness, and now I’ve become more finicky,” she adds. 

Life coach and wellness consultant Dr Anil Sethi reveals cases of sleep disorder have gone up by at least 25%, and he won’t be surprised if the numbers further increase. “People are continuously consuming information from various sources and that’s affecting their mental health. A recent study showed domestic violence cases have multiplied,” he says, adding that he has been holding online counselling sessions for people facing insomnia.

Actor Shashank Vyas shares,“There are days when I’m not being able to sleep before the wee hours of the morning. And I’m spending that time watching films/ web shows. It’s not healthy.” 

With much free time at hand, it’s human tendency to be up till late, feels actor Sonnalli Seygall. “There are so many apps now for video chats that it’s a great temptation. Technology has a huge role to play in disrupting your sleep. I also faced this for the first few days of the lockdown. But I put an end to it soon. In fact, now I’m using that time to regulate my sleep. I do a lot of yoga and breathing work… What also helps is listening to soft, hypnotic music. It has helped my mother and friends,” she adds.

Dr Rachit Bhushan, diabetologist, says while everyone had a set, tiring routine to follow earlier, now people are spending days worrying about the future. “Even while trying to sleep, these worries hound many,” he says, adding that if people suffering from issues such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems, are also facing insomnia, they must be careful.


Make a routine for yourself including household chores and hobbies—from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.

Learn something new. There are quite a few online courses available.

Call/video chats with friends and relatives you couldn’t connect before given your schedule.

Reduce your screen time across TV, phone, tablet or laptop should be avoided.

Stay happy and spread positivity. Don’t believe everything you read, watch or get as forwards. Trust only authentic source of information. Also, help those in need, and you’ll have a good night’s sleep.

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