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WATCH: The making of Agneepath

It's difficult to re-create a fresh story out of a classic. So when Karan Johar and Karan Malhotra decided to walk on the new 'Agneepath', they were fully prepared to take up the challenge. Here's a look at behind-the-scene moments of the movie.

bollywood Updated: Jan 25, 2012 17:26 IST
Agneepath,Hrithik Roshan,Priynka Chopra

It's difficult to re-create a fresh story out of a classic. So when Karan Johar and Karan Malhotra decided to walk on the new 'Agneepath', they were fully prepared to take up the challenge and come up with something new. A series of videos released by Eros Entertainment on Youtube captures behind-the-scene moments of the movie. Also the cast and crew of the movie share their experience in the clippings. Here's a look at the making of Hrithik-Priyanka-Sanjay starrer.

How Agneepath's idea came about

"I started working with Karan Johar in My Name Is Khan as first AD (Assistant Director). 3-4 months down the line we were chilling in office one day. We were discussing our favourite films. And Agneepath is definitely my favourite film. Karan looked at me and said, 'Do you think Agneepath can be re-made?' And I said, 'Yes absolutely it can be remade.' He gave me permission to develop the screenplay. That's how the ball started rolling," shares the debutante director Karan Malhotra in the making of the film.

It's all about revenge

"Apart from revenge there is nothing in the movie. Revenge is the only thing that you will see in the film. And you will see a lot of other characters that will add to the intensity of the basic journey that Vijay goes through," says Karan.

Vijay, a simple man

"Vijay is a very simple man who has lost out on his childhood. He has been subjected to a lot of grief, a lot of pain. He has experienced what death is. Whenever you look at Hrithik Roshan, you remember that he's only in this film to take the revenge of his father's death. Whether he is standing with Priyanka Chopra in the frame, whether he is standing with Rishi Kapoor in the frame, whether he's standing with Sanjay Dutt in the film or with Om Puri in the film, anybody for that matter, he is out for revenge," says the director.

COSY: Hrithik, Priyanka in a still from Agneepath

"When Karan approached me with the role, I wasn't very eager because it's taking from the earlier classic film. I read the script. And he narrates it with background score, he makes the music with his there was a lot of dhen tadak dhen. Karan just blew my mind completely. Dude, listen, I have to do this," shared Hrithik Roshan.

Styling of Vijay

"We went for the no frill, no fuss absolutely no fancy look. We kept it as basic as it can be. Cotton shirt, jeans, kolhapuri chappal, black thread around his neck constitutes Vijay's wardrobe," shared Mandira, the stylist of the movie.

"Apart from that I had just grown my beard," says Hrithik.

"There is no out-of-the-box or over-the-top styling for Vijay's character because all of that I thought should be left for the opposition of the actor and not for the hero himself. For me it would have been interesting that a simple man from nowhere go on to destroy the giants," Karan Malhotra shares.

Evil, dark and menacing: Sanjay Dutt in a still from Agneepath

The big bad Kaancha

"Right from the writing stage, right from the beginning, whenever I thought of my Kaancha, that was the look I wanted - A bald man with no eyebrows. I wanted an imagery that stuck in the mind of people right from the first frame," says Karan.

"Kaancha is a very unpredictable character, very intimidating, very menacing character. Like a giant, he is just crazy. When I first met him, he shared sketches of Kancha with me, and what he wanted. I was spellbound. The way he had imagined Kaancha, was the way he picturised him. He was living Kancha," says Sanjay Dutt.

"Karan wanted his character to be a giant. He wanted him to be big. Initially when he narrated the script, I was not fit at all. I was fat. I had to change that. I changed a lot in gym. I just need 2.5 hrs, I changed my diet. I lost 27 kg before I started the movie. I gained 20 kg of muscle mass," added Sanjay.

"I did not have enough time to train, so Sanju sir just took over. He was taking care of my diet, my food, my training. He's a wonderful actor and a wonderful human being," shares Hrithik.

Kaali, the emotional support

"Kaali is Vijay's strongest emotional support in the film. This girl is brought up with Mumbai along with Vijay. From that time onwards she's his biggest support. I've tried to keep her as simplistic as possible. She is the one who should being relief and smile to you. She is slightly more happy and decorated in that way. Staying in the brothel, she has decided to edge her life separately. She has opened up a small beauty parlour in the brothel," says Karan.

"Kaali makes you cry. She makes me cry. I'm very comfortable with Priyanka. As Kaali she has done the best work so far," says Hrithik about his Krrish co-star.

"Kaali's character completes Vijay, Kaali's love makes him feel that there is still some goodness left in the world. She's all very spunky, fun loving, She does what she wants. She has big dreams, ambitions. She has incredible energy, she is a very do or die kind of girl," says Priyanka about her character.

Priyanka Chopra in a still from the film Agneepath

Kaali's look

"The coolest part of the look that Mandira did was she kept it really earthy and it's very real, very natural and it is how people would dress while living in a chawl or in a brothel. The simplicity was with her simple ghaghra, choli and dupatta look. Black bindi, small earrings almost no jewellery, very simple, very earthy."

Rishi as Rauf Lala

"I play the role of Rauf Lala. He's a girl seller also. He sells young girls. Earlier I didn't want to do this film. I thought I'll probably let down the film," shares Rishi.

"He's playing the role of


in the movie. He uses imambada and the underworld of Mumbai. Rishi Kapoor was the only actor



karne mein mujhe saadhe teen maheene lag gaye the

. He has never played a negative character. He was not apprehensive for himself, but for the film. Once he said yes, he was at it. When I saw him on the set, I was mesmerised by his aura," says Karan.

Rauf Lala's look

I wanted him with a crew cut and stubble. I had thought small small things about his character like the topi and the bhindi bazaar ganji he wears. So that's how the character came into being.

The best action scenes

"There were two scenes that I thought were very well done - one was with Rishi Kapoor and the other with Sanjay Dutt. Obviously Hrithik was involved in both the sequences and these sequences were the mother of all scenes. Abbas Ali Mughal who has done the action for the film has done an amazing job," says Karan.

"Karan wanted me to keep the fight scenes realistic.

Jaise pahle zameen se juda hua action hota tha


waise hi humne poore




kiya hai

," shares Abbas Ali Mughal.

Shooting action scenes was very taxing for Hrithik Roshan. "Agneepath has got the toughest action sequences I have ever done. Fighting with Sanjay Dutt, broken and bruise. It was not an act. It was exactly the way I was feeling at that time," shares Hrithik.

"Hrithik really had a tough time shooting the action scenes. I have seen that. There was not of harness and wires," concurs Sanjay Dutt.

First Published: Jan 25, 2012 14:39 IST