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Graphic novel brings Kalki to life

As Anna Hazare’s campaign ends, a graphic novel will focus on Kalki, who in mythology is considered to be Vishnu’s tenth and last avatar and is born in the kalyug (doomsday) to rid the world of sins.

books Updated: Apr 18, 2011 17:43 IST

Seeing red has taken on a whole new meaning with Vimanika Comics’ I Am Kalki series. The graphic novels will focus on Kalki, who in mythology is considered to be Vishnu’s tenth and last avatar and is born in the kalyug (doomsday) to rid the world of sins. The silver book that shows Kalki’s birth has just been released and talks about the mythology behind the character, who takes on demons of corruption with a vengeance unlike anything seen before.

“Kalki was a title pending with us and though mythology warns us of this angry god, this character is entirely our imagination,” says Karan Vir Arora, founder and CEO, Vimanika Comics. The silver book follows the golden book that introduces the gods and focuses on the eight rishis (saints), who will also be part of the series. The story sees Kalki being born in Shambala Village, near the Ganges, Uttarakhand. “This is close to reality. Mythology too says that he will be born in that area. But no one knows when or if he is already here,” says Arora.

Though the next few books will focus on his growing years, the first city he visits as an adult is Mumbai. “Kalki has taken birth to end corruption. Hazare was soft, as he is human. But Kalki is like the Supreme Court. He passes his own judgment and annihilates evil from society,” says Arora, adding that one of the chapters will show a businessman bribing a minister in Mumbai to give him permission to destroy a green zone for a mall. This immediately demands Kalki’s intervention.

He will also take on other major social and environmental causes in the city, before heading to other places around India or the world to lend people a helping hand. “Kalki will take on issues that are contemporary and making news,” says Arora.

The next two books, Red and Black, will also continue to introduce humans and demons respectively, who will also be part of the series as Kalki’s story continues. “We are also running a contest asking readers to suggest what causes they’d like Kalki to take on. We will incorporate them into the series,” says Arora.

Force of nature The silver book sees Kalki being born to rich parents in Shambala Village, Uttarakhand. Immediately after his birthday, Rishi Vyas takes his soul to another world. Kalki grows up to be a young boy with black hair and brown skin. But his skin becomes red and hair turns white when he gets angry. He possesses the powers of all of nature’s elements such as fire, water, wind etc.

Evil awakens Every hero needs a villain. The antagonist in this series is Kali — a powerful demon, who awakens with Kalki’s birth. He will be introduced blasting out of a volcano. There will also be other demons representing sins in the modern world.

The silver book costs R 80 and can be ordered through Dial-A-Book. Be a part of the contest or order the books online at