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5 reasons to try apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar does wonders for your digestive health

brunch Updated: Jan 21, 2017 20:01 IST
Shikha Sharma
Shikha Sharma
apple cider vinegar,health benefits,citric foods
Apple cider vinegar becomes alkaline once ingested, reducing acidity in your digestive system(Shutterstock)

The West sets great store by apple cider vinegar, using it as a health food and a medicine. The strain of yeast used to ferment apple juice to cider and then the bacteria added to make the liquid vinegar, make the result full of health benefits. (White industrial vinegar is just a chemical with no known health benefits. In fact, it could even be quite harmful.)

You might consider laying in a stock of apple cider vinegar for the following reasons.

1. It controls acidity

Like many sour and citric foods, such as lime (but not white industrial vinegar), acidic apple cider vinegar becomes alkaline once ingested, reducing acidity in your digestive system. However, if you have ulcers, you must have nothing to do with it.

How to use it: Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to water mixed with aloe vera juice or lauki and drink.

2. It controls blood sugar levels

Apple cider vinegar is traditionally used to improve insulin sensitivity and hence blood sugar regulation. The liquid helps the body handle excess blood sugar by improving the response of insulin to food.

How to use it: Finely chop vegetables like carrots, cabbage and onions, and let them ferment in apple cider vinegar for a couple of hours. Eat this fermented salad with your meals. It controls carbs associated with a spike in blood sugar.

3. It improves digestive health

Under normal circumstances, the digestive system stays fine because of a balance between the healthy and unhealthy bacteria that live in the intestine. However, unhealthy bacteria sometimes win the battle against good bacteria. Drinking a spoonful of apple cider mixed with water will help kill the unhealthy bacteria in the gut.

4. It balances the body’s reaction to fatty foods

To get rid of bloating and heaviness that almost always follows an indulgence in fried, fatty food, eat a fermented cabbage salad made with apple cider vinegar.

5. It’s a good replacement for heavy salad dressings

Forget the mayo: use apple cider vinegar with olive oil to provide the right balance of flavours in your salads.

From HT Brunch, January 22, 2016

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First Published: Jan 21, 2017 20:01 IST