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Decoding detox: 5 Foods to cleanse the body of toxins

Our body has its own detox mechanism, but it needs support from the right kind of foods

brunch Updated: Jul 14, 2019 00:26 IST
Lovneet Batra
Lovneet Batra
Hindustan Times
(Illustration: Sunil Kumar Mallik)

To many people, detox means killing the calorie code or to instantly weigh lesser after a binge. But the truth is, our body is self-sufficient and capable of detox, but only if we can let it rest and support it with the right foods. Here are five of them:

Aloe vera: This succulent plant is highly alkaline and just what you need if you’re a frequent traveller or cannot do without eating out. One teaspoon of aloe vera gel mixed in coconut water, had on an empty stomach beats the benefits of a fancy imported alkaline water ioniser.

Ghee: One of the most healing foods is often misunderstood to be fattening. Ghee flushes out the old bile from liver and scrubs toxins off our intestines and can extract stubborn fat-soluble toxins out of our body when used in oil pulling.

Jamun: As an ultimate sugar detox, jamun can stabilise the sugar rush in our system. It is a natural blood purifier and cleanser too.

Khichri: This is the only wholesome meal that is allowed during the Ayurvedic therapy: panchakarma, a detox meant for the body, mind and consciousness. It is easy to digest and provides full nutrition too.

Curd: Our homemade probiotic, curd helps in growing gut-friendly bacteria. Our gut is the first line of defence against harmful toxins or bacteria, so maintaining a healthy gut is essential in helping the body naturally detox, the way it should!

Lovneet Batra is a clinical nutritionist based out of Delhi and is a consultant with Fortis Healthcare

From HT Brunch, July 14, 2019

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