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Personal Agenda: Karsh Kale, singer & musician

Singer Karsh Kale shares his high and low points in life. Read on to know the musician well.

brunch Updated: Apr 27, 2013 17:26 IST
Mignonne Dsouza
Mignonne Dsouza
Hindustan Times

Singer Karsh Kale shares his high and low points in life. Read on to know the musician well.

November 1

Sun sign

Place of birth
West Bromwich, England

NYU (New York University)

First break
Recording with DJ Spooky in 1993 i am...

Recording an album with my band, Karsh Kale Collectiv

Low point of your life
Having back surgery last year

High point of life
Becoming a father to the best little girl in the world

The first album you saved up to buy.
Rush's Moving Pictures in 1982.

The one song you would compose differently if you got another chance.
Too many. I would love to go back and redo all my albums.

Your dream concert venue.
Red Rocks, Nevada or Madison Square Garden, New York.

Your proudest moment.
Performing with Zakir Hussain for the first time in San Francisco in front of 17,000 people.

Have you ever choked on stage?
Hmmm… can't really remember. We tend to block those things out.

A gadget you can't do without.
My laptop. It's all happening in there.

What do you do right before you step on stage?
Take a deep breath.

Three things we would find on your bedside table.
My phone, someone's biography and a cup of tea.

The best thing about living in New York?
It's the most diverse city in the world.

The worst thing about living in New York?
One can get lost in all the madness.

The biggest cliché about the Indian American?
That they have lost their connection to their culture.

The song you want them to play at your funeral.
One of mine, I guess.

One lie you often get away with.
That it's good.

The biggest risk you've taken.
Becoming a musician.

One piece of advice you wish someone had given you 10 years ago.
Take time off, shut down from all your work, so you can come back with a fresh head.

Your strategy in a crisis.
Remain calm.

The craziest rumour you have heard about yourself.
That I grew up with Biggie Smalls in Brooklyn.

Your first crush?
All of the women from Charlie's Angels (the original TV show)

Five things that are definitely on your bucket list?
Go to Istanbul, make a film, write a book, score a play and finally find peace.

If you woke up one morning, and found you had become tone deaf…
My world would be over as I know it.

If you had to dodge this interview, what song would you sing?
Still Know Nothing 'Bout Me by Sting.

Songs to listen to when your world comes crashing down
Signal To Noise - Peter Gabriel
Guru Bandhana - Ali Akbar Khan
1999 - Prince
End Of the World - REM
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

From HT Brunch, April 28

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First Published: Apr 26, 2013 13:31 IST