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The other side of actor Siddharth

Actor Siddharth comes clean on his gluttony, his hatred for fur and the rumour of being the father of teenage kids!

brunch Updated: Dec 10, 2011 20:26 IST
Amrah Ashraf
Amrah Ashraf
Hindustan Times

Actor Siddharth comes clean on his gluttony, his hatred for fur and the rumour of being the father of teenage kids!

Which character from Sholay do you most resemble and why?

The jailer. I always want everyone to follow me, with no idea where to lead them.

You would turn gay for...

A role as a gay man.

Your darkest fantasy?

Being alone in the world. A happy version of I Am Legend.

SiddharthThe last line of your autobiography would read?

I’ll be back!

One song that describes your current state of mind?

Don’t think twice, it’s all right.

What would we find in your fridge right now?

A lot of food. Evidence of my gluttony.

How would you explain Twitter to your grandmother?

I would have to start by explaining the computer, then the Internet. I don’t think she would stick around till Twitter.

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing…


The stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?

That I have teenage children.

The one place you would never get yourself tattooed?

My entire being is strictly off limits for tattoos. Never. Not my thing!

If a spaceship landed in your backyard, what would you do?

I’d ask for a lift to shoots to escape Mumbai traffic!

The most clichéd answer you’ve ever given in an interview?

We’re just good friends.

Your most irrational fear…

That I will become irrelevant as an artiste.

The one lie you got away with…

…I’m still getting away with it, so it’s too early to confess.

If you could peep into anyone’s house, whose house would it be?

We have reality TV now, this question is so last decade.

Where did you spend your last summer?

On location around the Godavari river. Beautiful. Very hot, but breathtaking.

How many pairs of blue jeans do you have?

Never enough!

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever given your date?

The unpleasant truth. People want honesty but always take it badly.

If you were an ice cream, what flavour would you be?

Rocky Road or Nutty Buddy

What is the last thing you bought for under Rs 10?
A samosa

The most overrated movie/book?

Sun sign: Aries

Occupation: Answering silly questions

Birthday: April 17

Hometown: Hyderabad

School/college: DAV, Chennai; Kirori Mal College, Delhi; SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai

What are you doing currently? Trying to make a living doing what makes me happy

High point of your life: Making a career in movies

Low point of your life: Fortunately I haven’t suffered a single low point

From HT Brunch, December 11

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First Published: Dec 10, 2011 20:20 IST