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Bush giving away American jobs to Indians, alleges expert

A US expert has accused the Bush Admn of encouraging outsourcing to India, especially in software sector.

business Updated: Dec 01, 2003 18:19 IST

The Government of US President George W Bush is encouraging rather than discouraging the process of job outsourcing to India, particularly in the software sector, feels an information systems expert.

In an online statement quoted by the Daily Times, Douglas Chick claimed that at all American Government levels, there is "every indication of helping more and more Americans become unemployed."

"The tech industry in the US is rapidly vanishing, and it's not just the telephone support positions. It is also the software programmers, hardware and engineering positions," Chick opined.

"Congress has even made way for overseas workers to come to this country and replace jobs. I have even seen ridiculous articles on the Internet falsely stating that overseas outsourcing will save American jobs. We are all in danger of losing our jobs and if we don't act now it may be too late," he warns.

Disagreeing with the view of Congressmen that they are supporting the "overseas outsourcing" because corporate taxes are too high and American corporations cannot compete with countries that do practice overseas outsourcing, Chick further goes on to say that, "If this is the case, how will US companies compete with child, prison, bonded or slave labour?"

"These pro-India US politicians will never take the blame," he says, adding that the only way to curtail these pro-India US companies is to stop buying their products, using their services and giving them money.

They should also be told why they were being boycotted, he says. If this doesn't work, he says, then the Americans would have to vote and unseat these pro-India US politicians who have "clandestinely assisted certain greedy business executives in moving millions of American jobs to India or hiring Indian citizens for jobs in the US.

First Published: Dec 01, 2003 15:12 IST