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Dangerous liaisons

Getting into forbidden liaisons only to realise, much later, that they have tied the knot with trouble. Some of them had to pay with their lives for attempts to break free from the shackles of a mundane middle-class.

chandigarh Updated: Aug 08, 2012 13:53 IST
Monica Sharma
Monica Sharma
Hindustan Times

The lust for power and everything that comes with it has been driving women to disaster. Lured by the majestic ways of the rich world of the high and mighty, many of them have been entering into forbidden liaisons only to realise, much later, that they have tied the knot with trouble. Some of them had to pay with their lives for attempts to break free from the shackles of a mundane middle-class existence.

Anuradha Bali, alias Fiza, who entered into a murky relationship with a deputy CM and hit the headlines, was just one of them whose love story ended in tragedy. The fatal end which Shivani Bhatnagar, Monika Kapila and Madhumita met was hardly any different.

The only exception being actress Monica Bedi, who managed to come out of the underworld after her alliance with Abu Salem and is now struggling to again find a foothold in Bollywood after serving her jail sentence.

Anuradha Bali, alias Fiza

Hardly anyone beyond legal circles knew who Anuradha Bali was till she disappeared in 2008 only to surface as Fiza, wife of former Haryana deputy chief minister Chander Mohan. For once, everyone thought that it was an ideal love story of a couple to break free from the shackles of societal norms to be together.

Their marriage lasted only 40 days. Though some felt Bali had some incriminating material to pin Chander Mohan down, no one realised that she would end up like so many other victims of "forbidden love". Her maggot-infested body was found in a highly decomposed state in her Sector 48 house in SAS Nagar on Monday.

DSP Balraj Gill and Monika Kapila case

The two could have carried on with their clandestine relationship, but for their brutal murder on February 1, 2012 at Agnihotri Farmhouse, 7 km from Ludhiana. The robbery brought to fore the forbidden relationship Monika and the DSP were sharing. The two first came in contact through a mobile call, which led to one meeting after another. However, the officer did not reveal his identity to Monika and posed as a businessman.

Though both were already married, they entered into a relationship which did not see the light of day. They were frequent visitors to the farmhouse. On the fateful day, three youth followed them with an intention of robbery, but fearing that they would be identified, they killed the couple. Since both were attached to their families, their spouses and children were unable to recover from the shock even after months. Gill was a decorated police officer who had received the President's Medal on August 14, 2010. He was happily married and was father of a teenaged son. Kapila was the wife of a reputed Ludhiana industrialist and a mother of two.

Geetika Sharma case

Another recent example of a perilous association between an airhostess of the now-defunct MDLR Airlines and her boss, a Haryana minister, is the Geetika Sharma case. Sharing a relationship that went beyond the association a boss has with an employee, Geetika claimed in her suicide note that she was pushed to the wall and forced to end her life.

So far, there is nothing to suggest that Geetika was having an affair with Haryana minister Gopal Goyal Kanda, but at the same time it is evident that the minister was close enough to Geetika to dictate terms to her and try to lead her life his way. Geetika committed suicide on August 5, 2012 and Kanda was booked by the Delhi Police for abetment to suicide. Kanda, a married man with children, claimed he was innocent, but resigned hours after he was booked.

Shivani Bhatnagar case

IPS officer RK Sharma, the prime accused in the Shivani Bhatnagar murder case, was acquitted by the high court after spending 10 years behind bars. He was once considered close to Shivani, a journalist who went beyond the call of her duty and entered into a relationship with Sharma. Senior BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, too, was dragged in the controversy.

Nothing substantial came out of the allegations, but Shivani Bhatnagar's life and death have brought out the dangers of associating with the high and mighty. Shivani, who was working with a national daily, was killed by two men in her East Delhi flat on January 23, 1999. Her murder sent shockwaves in the upper echelons of politics. Suspended on August 23, 2002 after his name surfaced in the case, Sharma had surrendered in court on September 27, 2002.

Madhumita Shukla case

Poetess Madhumita Shukla's life turned topsy-turvy after she allegedly entered into a relationship with Uttar Pradesh minister Amarmani Tripathi. Madhumita was six months pregnant when she was shot dead at her house in Lucknow in May 2003. One of the theories behind the murder was that Tripathi's wife had a grouse be-cause of her husband's relations with Madhumita. Tripathi is still in jail.

First Published: Aug 08, 2012 13:50 IST