Chhattisgarh assembly elections 2018 Highlights: 71.93% voting till 6pm, says Election Commission - Hindustan Times

Chhattisgarh assembly elections 2018 Highlights: 71.93% voting till 6pm, says Election Commission

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Nov 20, 2018 09:49 PM IST

Polling was held Tuesday for 72 assembly constituencies as part of the second and last phase of elections in Chhattisgarh. The first phase of elections in 18 Maoist-affected assembly constituencies was held on November 12 amid tight security and sporadic incidents of violence.Eight Maoists were killed and five jawans of the Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) were injured in two separate encounters during the first phase of polling. Election officials recorded more than 70% turnout on November 12. For more on Chhattisgarh assembly elections 2018, click here.The BJP, which has been ruling the state for 15 years, and the Congress have been traditional rivals in Chhattisgarh. This time, however, former chief minister Ajit Jogi’s newly floated outfit Janata Congress Chhattisgarh and Mayawati’s BSP have joined hands, turning the elections into a three-cornered fight.Reach highlights here:-

7:05pm IST

71.93% voter turnout in phase 2 till 6pm, says poll panel

Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh cast his vote at a polling booth in Kawardha.(ANI/Twitter)
Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh cast his vote at a polling booth in Kawardha.(ANI/Twitter)

71.93% voter turnout in phase 2 of Chhattisgarh assembly polls till 6pm, says Election Commission at press conference in New Delhi. This would make the overall turnout in the election 74.17% against 77.42% in the 2013 state election. The figure is provisional, says the poll panel.

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6:08pm IST

Polling ends, booths open for people still in queues

Polling for the second and final phase of Chhattisgarh elections entailing 72 constituencies spread across 19 districts officially ended at 5pm. However, booths will close after people still standing in queues have voted.

6:03pm IST

EVMs, VVPATs sealed at polling station in Baloda Bazar’s Simga

5:30 pm IST

64.8% turnout till 5 pm

64.8 % voter turnout till 5 pm in the second phase of Chhattisgarh polls, reports ANI.

4:35pm IST

58.47 % voting till 4 pm

58.47 % voting recorded till 4 pm in the second phase of voting in Chhattisgarh.

3:56 pm IST

Cong leaders do not sit together even in a chopper: Raman Singh

The Congress leadership remains divided. There have been so many reports about a fight between the Congress leadership in Chhattisgarh. There are many factions, and several chief ministerial aspirants... the divide is so deep that their leaders do not even sit together in a helicopter: Raman Singh

3:48 pm IST

Cong got sympathy votes in Bastar in 2013 after Maoist attack: Raman Singh

There was sympathy for the Congress after its top leadership was killed in a Maoist attack in Jhiram valley in Bastar months before the 2013 election. The Congress won eight out of 12 seats in the Bastar region. There is no such factor this time. Moreover, we have done a lot for the welfare of tribals: Raman Singh.

3:38 pm IST

Ajit Jogi will hurt Cong: Raman Singh

BSP took a little over 4% votes in the 2013 elections. We expect that the Ajit Jogi-BSP alliance will pocket 5-6% votes this time... we know Jogi will hurt the BJP in some seats. But the nature of their support base makes us conclude that he will hurt the Congress more: Raman Singh in exclusive interview with HT.

3:28 pm IST

Candidates changed only where required: Raman Singh

This time, we have been more careful about candidate selection and have made only those changes that we felt were required: Raman Singh in exclusive interview with HT.

3:20 pm IST

No anti-incumbency against govt: Raman Singh

Anti-incumbency works against a government that fails to live up to the expectation of people. If you compare what Chhattisgarh was 15 years back and where it stands now, you will realise that there is a positive mood for the BJP. There is no anti-incumbency: Raman Singh in exclusive interview with HT.

3:12 pm IST

45.2 % turnout till 2:55 pm

45.2 % turnout recorded till 2:55 pm in the second phase of polling in Chhattisgarh, reports ANI.

3:05 pm IST

Ajit Jogi will eat into Cong votes: Raman Singh

Satnam sect leader Baldas has limited appeal, and he will not have much impact... former CM Ajit Jogi, who also has considerable influence among Satnami voters, is also in the fray. He has an alliance with the BSP and is eating into the Congress’s vote share: Raman Singh, in exclusive interview with HT.

2:45 pm IST

Senior BJP leader Saroj Pandey casts vote

Senior BJP leader Saroj Pandey casts her vote.

2:35 pm IST

Raman Singh poses with voters

2:15 pm IST

Former Union minister Charandas Mahant casts vote

Former Union minister and senior Congress leader Charandas Mahant casts his vote.

2:10 pm IST

BSP can damage Congress more

An improvement in BSP’s performance over the 2013 elections when it won one seat in Chhattisgarh will, for one, firmly establish her potential to damage the Congress in states where it has a reasonable chance, say political analysts..

2:00 pm IST

Mayawati has much in stake in Chhattisgarh

If the Mayawati-Jogi alliance does pay off in Chhattisgarh, it would considerably boost her ability to negotiate a better deal from her allies in Uttar Pradesh, and beyond in 2019, say political experts.

1:45 pm IST

Cong leaders cast their votes

Chhattisgarh Congress president Bhupesh Baghel, leader of opposition TS Singhdeo and senor leader Dharnendra Sahu cast their votes.

1:40 pm IST

Mayawati as kingmaker?

Political analysts say Mayawati is attempting a repeat of Karnataka in Chhattisgarh, hoping to emerge as kingmaker along with Ajit Jogi in case both the Congress and the BJP fall short of majority.

1:32 pm IST

BSP-Cong talks before elections

BSP had been in talks with the Congress for an alliance, but it broke after the latter turned down Mayawati’s demand for about a dozen seats.

1:22 pm IST

Raman Singh casts vote

Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh casts his vote at a polling booth in Kawardha.

1:14 pm IST

Ajit Jogi-BSP combine fields BJP, Cong rebels

The Ajit Jogi-BSP combine has fielded about a dozen rebels from the Congress and BJP.

1:10 pm IST

BSP looks to make gains

In the 2013 election, the BSP had fielded its candidates in all 90 seats and won more than 5.5 lakh votes with a share of 4.4 per cent, but had one just one seat in the state. This time, it is looking to make more gains in alliance with Ajit Jogi’s Janata Congress Chhattisgarh.

1:00 pm IST

444 sensitive booths

444 out of a total of 19,336 polling booths have been identified as sensitive, and security has been tightened in these areas.

12:50 pm IST

25% voting till 12:30 pm

25 per cent voting have been recorded till 12.30pm in the second phase of Chhattisgarh assembly elections, say election officials

12:44 pm IST

Ajit Jogi focussing on Bilaspur

Ajit Jogi is hoping to capitalise on the BSP’s core support among scheduled caste voters of Bilaspur division, which accounts for 24 assembly seats, out of which 12 are with the BJP, 11 with the Congress and 1 with the BSP, to upset poll calculations, say party insiders and political analysts.

12:34 pm IST

Triangular contest in 20 seats

The 72 seats that are voting today are spread across Raipur, Durg, Bilaspur and Sarguja divisions. With Ajit Jogi allying with the BSP, nearly 20 seats in Chhattisgarh are witnessing a triangular contest.

12:24 pm IST

Chhattisgarh DGP AN Upadhyay votes

Director general of police, Chhattisgarh, AN Upadhyay votes.

12:18 pm IST

Technical snags in EVMs in some places

There were reports of technical snags in electronic voting machines (EVMs) at some places and corrective measures were taken, an election official told PTI.

12:14 pm IST

19 women out of total 1,079 candidates

There are 19 women among the total 1,079 candidates, who are trying their luck in this phase of the elections.

12:10 pm IST

Special DGP ( anti-Naxal operations ) DM Awasthi votes

Special director general of police ( anti-Naxal operations ) DM Awasthi shows his inked finger after casting his vote.

12:06 pm IST

Extra vigil in Maoist-affected districts

Extra vigil is being maintained in Maoist-affected Gariaband, Dhamtari, Mahasamund, Kabirdham, Jashpur and Balrampur districts.

12:00 pm IST

Choppers and drones manning elections

Elaborate security arrangements in place, including deployment of helicopters and drones. Polling being held in over 19,000 polling booths. Over 1,00,000 security personnel positioned.

11:52 am IST

Seats with highest and lowest number of candidates

The highest number of 46 contestants are in Raipur City South constituency, while the lowest number of six contestants are in Bindranavagarh seat.

11:50 am IST

1.5 crore voters to choose 72 candidates

An electorate of over 1.5 crore, including over 77 lakh male and over 76 lakh female voters, are eligible to vote. There are nearly 1,000 voters from the third gender.

11:46 am IST

AAP trying its luck in 66 seats

The Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has fielded candidates in 66 constituencies.

11:42 am IST

Seat sharing between BSP and JCC

While the Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is in the fray in 25 seats, its ally and former CM Ajit Jogi’s Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (JCC) is vying in 46 seats.

11:32 am IST

Visuals from Jashpur

A woman with her newborn went to cast her vote in Jashpur district. The baby was born yesterday.

11:24 am IST

Cong leaders meet EC over alleged EVM tampering

A delegation of Congress leaders led by PL Punia meet the Election Commission in Delhi over alleged attempts to misuse and tamper EVMs in Chhattisgarh, reports ANI.

11:20 am IST

Special DGP RK Vij votes

Special director general of police and president of Chhattisgarh IPS association RK Vij displays his inked finger after voting.

11:16 am IST

Piyush Goyal urges people to vote

Union minister Piyush Goyal appeals to people to vote for BJP again.


11:14 am IST

Pehle matdaan, phir jalpaan: Amit Shah

Pehle matdaan, phir jalpaan (first vote, then meal): Amit Shah appeals to Chhattisgarh voters.

11:10 am IST

BJP leader Anil Jain’s appeal to people

BJP leader Anil Jain asks people to participate in the elections in huge numbers.

11:05 am IST

Rajyavardhan Rathore urges people to vote

Your vote is your voice. I urge all the voters of Chhattisgarh to come out and cast their vote. Your vote will decide the future of Chhattisgarh: Union minister Rajyavardhan Rathore.

10:50 am IST

BJP leader Ramvichar Netam urges people to vote

BJP leader Ramvichar Netam urges people to vote.

10:37 am IST

12.54% voting till 10 am

12.54 per cent voting recorded till 10 am, say election officials.

10:30 am IST

Ajit Jogi, son Amit cast votes

Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (JCC) president and former chief minister Ajit Jogi and his son Amit Jogi cast their votes at a polling booth in Pendra.

10:28 am IST

Durg SP Sanjeev Shukla votes

10:20 am IST

Motilal Vora casts vote

Veteran Congress leader Motilal Vora casts his vote.

10:16 am IST

Raman Singh’s principal secretary Aman Singh votes

10:10 am IST

46 of the 72 seats general

As per election commission, 46 of the 72 seats going to polls today are general, nine are reserved for SCs and 17 reserved for STs. In the 2013 elections, BJP had won 43 seats while Congress had won 27. One seat each was won by BSP and an independent.

9:58 am IST

Chief secretary Ajay Singh casts vote

9:56 am IST

PM Narendra Modi urges people to vote

In a tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested voters of Chhattisgarh to participate in large numbers in “the festival of democracy”.

9:48 am IST

Visuals from a polling booth in Raipur rural

9:42 am IST

PWD minister queues up to cast vote

PWD minister Rajesh Munat (in white kurta) queues up along with family to cast vote.

9:40 am IST

State chief election commissioner Subrat Sahoo casts vote

Chhattisgarh chief election commissioner Subrat Sahoo (in pink shirt) votes along with family in Devendranagar booth number 53 in Raipur.

9:30 am IST

Mahasamund SP votes along with family

Superintendent of Police, Mahasamund, votes along with his family in a selfie zone outside a polling booth.

9:18 am IST

1,00,000 security personnel deployed

At least 1,00,000 security personnel, including 607 companies of paramilitary forces, are manning the elections.

9:08 am IST

1,079 candidates, including nine ministers, try their luck

1,079 candidates are trying their luck today, including nine cabinet ministers, leader of opposition TS Singhdeo and state Congress chief Bhupesh Baghel. Apart from Ajit Jogi, his wife Renu and daughter-in-law Richa are also in the fray.

8:58 am IST

Ajit Jogi banking on Satnamis and SCs, say analysts

Ajit Jogi is banking on the Satnami community and scheduled castes who hold influence in 58 of the 72 seats in Chhattisgarh, say political analysts.

8:50 am IST

Great sense of dissatisfaction with BJP: Cong

There is a great sense of dissatisfaction with the BJP, and the Congress will win two-thirds of more seats: Leader of Opposition in the assembly TS Singh Deo tells HT.

8:30 am IST

Ajit Jogi-BSP alliance to hurt Cong more: Raman Singh

The Congress leadership is divided in Chhattisgarh, and the Ajit Jogi-BSP alliance will hurt them more: Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh tells HT in an exclusive interview.

8:01 am IST

Polling begins

Polling has begun for the 72 assembly constituencies as part of the second and last phase of elections in Chhattisgarh.

The first phase of elections in 18 Maoist-affected assembly constituencies was held on November 12 amid tight security and sporadic incidents of violence. 

7:15 am IST

Security tightened in lieu of Maoist attacks

Security has been tightened in the state with deployment of over one lakh security personnel in lieu of Maoist attacks.

6:40 am IST

Mock polling in Surguja’s Ambikapur

Ahead of the voting, mock polling was conducted at a polling station in Surguja’s Ambikapur.

6:35 am IST

Voting for 72 assembly constituencies to begin at 8 am

Polling for the 72 assembly constituencies as part of the second and last phase of elections in Chhattisgarh will begin at 8 am continue till 5 pm.

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