Pride celebrations, albeit virtually, due to restrictions and lockdowns (Illustration: Shutterstock)
Pride celebrations, albeit virtually, due to restrictions and lockdowns (Illustration: Shutterstock)

DU’s queer collectives come together to celebrate pride month

Queer Collectives of Delhi University Colleges are keeping up with the celebrations, albeit virtually.
By Digvijay
PUBLISHED ON JUN 10, 2021 11:02 AM IST

June is celebrated as pride month worldwide. The theme for 2021 is ‘ The Fight Continues’. “The theme can be interpreted in many ways; it can be fight against Covid, regressive laws against queer people, or fight against queer rights in general too,” says Suyash, president of Hindu College’s Queer Collective(QC), Delhi University.

Pride month brings great zest, and is a month long celebration. “But, this year doesn’t feel like a celebration owing to the sad reality of Covid,” Suyash adds.

This pride month is to be celebrated virtually, due to Covid-19 pandemic induced restrictions and lockdowns. The QC of Hindu College is coming up with a series of Insta lives touching on various topics, starting this weekend. Bringing on board film makers, who sensitively bring queer representation on screen, like Faraz Arif Ansari, Onir and Sridhar Rangayan, have been invited for talks every following weekend. Lastly, Queeristan: LGBTQ Inclusion in the Indian Workplace’s author Parmesh Shahani, to read a few excerpts from the book, and reflect on his work for queer community.

For Faraz Arif Ansari this representation is very important. “As I always say, the more representation, the merrier! I remember when I was growing up; there was no representation, not on television, nor in films. So, starting my journey as a filmmaker, I knew I have to put out good representation for queer identities. It’s all about leaving behind a legacy of love and acceptance,” shares Ansari.

With these sessions in place throughout the month, concluding the month will be a virtual pride in collaboration with queer collectives of Miranda House and Gargi College.

President of Miranda House’s queer collective, Rio, doesn’t feel great about having pride online. For him, pride is supposed to be inclusive, intersectional and a safe space. “Being online and having a stable internet connection and a safe space in your own house to attend such events is a privilege that not everyone has,” he adds.

Miranda house’s QC is also organising a movie screening of a short film called Devi:Godess by Karishma Dube, on June 12.

Although, students are excited for a virtual pride too, as they get to showcase their work, interact with like-minded people and just to take a break. However, they miss the pride events that used to happen in the flesh. “A sense of euphoria is missing on the virtual pride. Physical pride celebration brings great energy on the field, creates visibility on a wide spectrum, and generates mobility among students. This can’t be replicated on any medium,” says Shubh Goel, president of SGGSCC’s QC.

After the pride month, QC’s across Delhi NCR will also collectively contribute for a newsletter; called Fakhr, to document pride month. Featuring articles, poems, coming out stories and notable achievements of students. The newsletter will come out in the 2nd week of July.

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