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New varieties of cakes and puddings

UPDATED ON MAY 12, 2017 08:57 PM IST

LUCKNOW: It is that time of the year again, when carols are sung, presents exchanged and cakes baked. But Christmas menu doesn’t comprise only plum cakes. There are a variety of puddings, breads and non vegetarian dishes that form an integral part of the winter festivities.

“Christmas menu is always elaborate and continues till New Year. The menu for this year includes stolen cakes, sweet mince pie, plum cakes, plum puddings, Yule logs and roasted turkey in addition to other regular varieties,” said chef Nagendra of a leading hotel in Lucknow. 

Christmas is merrier for those who have a sweet tooth as the city bakers have introduced a number of new varieties this season. 

“We have introduced some new dry fruit cakes this time. They include orange, blueberry, strawberry, mango and black current. The cakes are made using sundried fruits brought from California,” said Ramu Gupta, owner of a leading bakery. 

There were also fresh caramel chocolates and fresh cream pastries, he added. 

“There are some varieties that are specific only to Christmas season and people relish them like anything. Such varieties include Tira Misu, Kiwi Mango and Irish coffee puddings etc,” said, members of another leading bakery in the city. 

For those who have been on the lookout for something new this season, there are the jelly cakes introduced by a bakery in Hazratganj. Marzipan, liquorice and glaze cakes are some other varieties relished in the season. 

The menu is elaborate even in houses homes and the preparations begin days in advance. “We spent sleepless night preparing the choco fudge and walnut brownie for the day. Mother has been busy with her regular preparations like gajar halwa, gujhia, namak para and other snacky delights. We will serve plum pudding with brandy sauce and the non vegetarian menu will include sand dust fish and spring fried chicken on Christmas,” said Austin Masih, an aviation professional. 

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