Rohit had a bumper start as a Test opener(PTI)
Rohit had a bumper start as a Test opener(PTI)

‘Earlier I would go overboard’: Rohit Sharma reveals new mantra after record-breaking year

Rohit mentions that he has now learnt to shut down the noise and focus on things that he can control rather than thinking about the external factors at play.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON JAN 07, 2020 08:37 AM IST

Rohit Sharma was meandering in the middle order in ODIs, he was getting one good score and then hit a rut. There was talent, it was visible to all and yet, the results were not coming. Then there was MS Dhoni, a captain who backed him to the hilt. He bumped him up the order to open the innings in ODIs and this is when, Rohit’s career turned around. He got going with an 83 and has never looked back.

His Test career is extremely similar, people were convinced that he had the talent to cut his teeth in Test cricket, but here too, the results were extremely inconsistent. And then, KL Rahul failed, Murali Vijay failed and Shikhar Dhawan did not work out. Rohit was a prolific opener in ODI cricket and the management decided to go with him as an opener even in Test cricket. He started this stint with a bang - a score of 176 in his debut innings as an opener.

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The Mumbai man credits his family - his wife and daughter for this transformation. “They (wife and daughter) fill me with love and happiness and I try to stay within that rather than thinking about X, Y or Z making comments about me,” Rohit told PTI.

“I have actually passed that age to react to someone talking good or bad things about me. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter anymore. Honestly speaking, I stopped thinking about Test matches,” he further added.

“Earlier, I was thinking too much about success in Tests. I would go overboard as to why is this happening, why am I playing that shot. After each Test innings, I would go to our video analyst, sit, watch and then confuse (clutter) my brain further. That wasn’t actually the right thing that I was doing,” Rohit said.

He also spoke about the South Africa series and about the pressure he faced as people believed it would be his last go in the longest format.

“If you talk about opening in the South Africa series, from people’s perspective, it was my last chance but I am a sportsman and I can’t think like that. If I thought it was my last chance then I wouldn’t have scored runs with that mindset,” the right-hander said.

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“I know that I am no longer 22 or 23 years old that I will keep getting opportunities in Test matches and can take my place for granted. I know that every time I go out there, I have to put a high price tag on my wicket. I am blessed to get an opportunity that many are waiting for. So, why should I regret worry or think about so many things?”

He mentions that he has now learnt to shut the noise down and focus on things that he can control rather than thinking about the external factors at play.

“When you play the sport, there is a lot of distraction and noise around you. You need to create an environment around yourself so that none of this bothers you. No idea, vision or sermons will come inside that shield unless you allow it. Let people say good things, bad things, one shouldn’t be bothered about it.”

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