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IPL 2020, KXIP vs DC highlights: Delhi Capitals beat KXIP in Super Over

IPL 2020 highlights, KXIP vs DC: The Delhi Capitals beat Kings XI Punjab in Super Over to get off to a fine start in IPL 2020 in Dubai. The DC vs KXIP match went into Super Over after two teams finished with identical scores of 157 for 8. Mayank Agarwal...

By | Sep 21, 2020 07:42 IST

IPL 2020, KXIP Vs DC highlights: The Delhi Capitals beat Kings XI Punjab in Super Over to get off to a fine start in IPL 2020 in Dubai. The DC vs KXIP match went into Super Over after two teams finished with identical scores of 157 for 8. Mayank Agarwal scored 89 off 60 balls but could not finish it. Earlier, Marcus Stoinis hit a flurry of boundaries towards the end, scoring 53 off 21 balls to power Delhi Capitals to 157 for 8 after being sent in to bat first by KXIP . Rishabh Pant and Iyer had put together a good stand after Mohammed Shami struck twice in one over but they too were dismissed in quick succession. It was Stoinis who then took matters in his own hands smashing everything out of the park to DC to a very good score, which once looked way out of their reach.

Follow IPL 2020 highlights, DC vs KXIP here:



23:55 hrs IST

DC vs KXIP Super Over match full scorecard


23:48 hrs IST

Let the Super Over drama sync in

KXIP needed 1 off 3 balls with a Mayank Agarwal batting on 89 but they couldn’t get over the line. Marcus Stoinis struck twice in the final tow deliveries to push the match into Super Over. Then it was over to Kagiso Rabada, who got two wickets in 3 balls to finish the KXIP innings. In reply, DC got the required runs off 2 balls.

23:42 hrs IST

DC Super Over: 0.3

Shami to Pant - 2 runs. DC WIN. It was on the leg stump and Pant flicked it towards fine leg. He had enough time to come back for a couple. What a match this was. The Super Over wasn’t as exciting but boy to get there did we see some ups and downs.

23:41 hrs IST

DC Super Over: 0.2

Shami to Pant- WIDE! It’s 2 needed off 5 balls now.

23:40 hrs IST

DC Super Over: 0.1

Shami to Pant - no run. Dot ball, a gold dust. Wide one outside off and Pant misses it. Shami has been superb tonight.

23:39 hrs IST

Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant for DC

The partnership that got DC back in the game has been trusted to score 3 runs in the Super Over. It will be DC captain Shreyas Iyer and wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant against Mohammed Shami.

23:36 hrs IST

DC need 3 in the Super Over

Mohammed Shami will try and defend 2 runs in the Super Over. Is it too tall a task for even Shami’s quality? Seems like it but you never know.

23:34 hrs IST

KXIP Super Over: 0.3

Rabada to Pooran - OUT! Bowled’em! KXIP are bowled out in the super over inside three balls.

23:33 hrs IST

KXIP Super Over: 0.2

Rabada to Rahul - OUT! Caught at mid-wicket. Rabada has struck.

23:33 hrs IST

KXIP Super Over: 0.1

Rabada to Rahul - 2 runs to square-leg.

23:32 hrs IST

Pooran and Rahul for KXIP

So Nicholas Pooran and KL Rahul will open the batting for KXIP in the super over. Kagiso Rabada will bowl it for DC.

23:24 hrs IST

Super over!

OUT! What a catch by Kagiso Rabada at square-leg. We are going into Super Over guys. The IPL never ceases to amaze you. It was a low full toss and Jordan flicks it straight to Rabada, who takes a sharp catch.

23:21 hrs IST

Mayank Agarwal is out

OUT! Would you believe it? One man out in the deep Agarwal has picked him up. This match is still alive. KXIP need 1 off 1. Who’s betting for a superover?

23:18 hrs IST

SIX to start

Mayank Agarwal hits a six off the first ball of the last over. Oh What a shot that is, it has got the equation down to 7 runs off 5 balls.

23:16 hrs IST

Last over of the DC vs KXIP match

KXIP need 13 runs off 6 balls. It will be Marcus Stoinis with the last over.

23:14 hrs IST

Shreyas Iyer drops Mayank Agarwal

DROPPED! Is that the match? Shreyas Iyer out of all men. He never looked like holding on to that one and what’s worse? It has gone for a four. Mayank Agarwal is still there. We saw the reaction of the DC coach Rikcy Ponting, he was furious.

23:11 hrs IST

KXIP need 25 off 12 balls

17 runs off the last over, Mayank Agarwal has turned it around for KXIP. He has brought the equation down to 25 off 12 balls. He will face Rabada in the penultimate over of this match which dare I say might decide the outcome of this match.

23:07 hrs IST

Mayank Agarwal scores his fifty

SIX! What a way to get to your fifty. Mayank Agarwal has sliced it over point for another six and this time it brings up his fifty. He needs to stay there to win it for KXIP.

23:05 hrs IST

Last three overs, KXIP need 42 off 18

It has all boiled down to the last three overs now. KXIP need 42 off 18 balls. It will be Mohit Sharma in the 18th over, it’s Mayank Agarwal on strike.

23:02 hrs IST

Mayank Agarwal carrying on

Two boundaries off three balls from Anrich Nortje. Mayank Agarwal has not given up yet and why would he. Till the time he’s there, KXIP have a realistic chance to win this one.

22:56 hrs IST

Rabada gets Gowtham

OUT! Edged and taken. Cometh the hour cometh the man. You can always clount on Kagiso Rabada to provide the goods. He gets the important wicket of K Gowtham when he was threatening to look good. The umpires have signalled for the 2nd strategic time out.

22:52 hrs IST

Good over for KXIP

14 runs from the Mohit Sharma over, just what the KXIP needed at this stage they need a couple of more like that to put the pressure right back on DC.

22:48 hrs IST

Gowtham hits a six

SIX! That’s more like it from Krishnappa Gowtham. He can hit them big, make no mistake. He just has to pick his areas and the right delivery and he did that to perfection on this occasion. He picked the slower one from Mohit Sharma and have it a full monty.

22:42 hrs IST

Mayank Agarwal shows his class

Boundaries to either side of the point fielder and both timed to perfection, Mayank Agarwal shows his class against Anrich Nrotje. He has to be the key man for KXIP.

22:38 hrs IST

IPL 2020: KXIP vs DC: 12 overs bowled in KXIP chase

A very good over from Axar Patel. He is hard to get away when he gets it right, and he does that more often than not. Only 4 runs from it.

22:34 hrs IST

Mayank Agarwal hits a six

SIX! 77 metres that one. What a shot that was from Mayank. Stoinis errs on the shorter side, he doesn’t have the pace to do that and Agarwal quickly transfers his weight to the backoot and pulls away with power for a maximum. Is this the momentum that they need?

22:30 hrs IST

Axar Patel strikes, 10 overs bowled

OUT! Was that shot needed? Perhaps not. But Axar Patel is over the moon. He has got the wicket of Sarfaraz Khan in the last ball of the 10th over. KXIP now have lost half their side and that target looks a long way away now.

22:25 hrs IST

1st Strategic Time out, DC on top

Sarfaraz Khan ends the 9th over with the delightful boundary past mid-off, 9 runs of Marcus Stoinis first over. But It’s DC who are on top as we slip into the first strategic time out of the KXIP innings.

22:21 hrs IST

DC on top after 8 overs in KXIP innings

KXIP have thrown away the good start given by Rahul and Mayank. They lost three wickets in 4 overs.


22:18 hrs IST

Kagiso Rabada gets Glenn Maxwell

OUT! Another one bites the dust. It’s a huge one of Maxwell. You can’t get your eyes away from this match. It was a slower one from Kagiso Rabada, Maxwell didn’t pick it at all and just chipped it to mid off, Iyer makes no mistake. KXIP have lost three wickets in 2 overs now.

22:12 hrs IST

Ashwin walks off the field in pain

Oh dear! What have you done R Ashwin? There was no need to dive for that one. He has hurt his left shoulder. He looks to be in real pain. The physio is out there and Ashwin is now walking off the field. This doesn’t look good a all. Hope he hasn’t dislocated his shoulder.

22:09 hrs IST

Ashwin gets Pooran for a duck

BOWLED! Ashwin is turning it out in Dubai. And that too against his former side KXIP. It was the slider, Nicholas Pooran had no clue, he played for the turn but it went straight through. Pooran is out for a duck and Ashwin is over the moon.

22:05 hrs IST

Ashwin strikes off first ball

OUT! What a start by R Ashwin. He has got a wicket from his first ball in IPL 2020. Karun Nair the man dismissed. He will be disappointed with that shot. Went for the big sweep but got a top edge and was out caught at short fine leg.

22:03 hrs IST

End of 5 overs

5 runs and the big wicket of KXIP captain KL Rahul from the Mohit Sharma over. Karun Nair has walked out to bat at No.3 for KXIP. They have reached 33 for 1.

21:59 hrs IST

Mohit Sharma knocks over KL Rahul

BOWLED! Inside edge and onto the stumps. The ball came back in just enough and Rahul had a big gap between his bat pad. It’s a big wicket for DC and a much-needed one, Mohit Sharma provides the goods.

21:57 hrs IST

Good over for KXIP

Two fours in the Anrich Nortje, both coming from KL Rahul’s bat. 9 runs coming from it and KXIP continue to lay foundation for the 158-run chase.

21:51 hrs IST

IPL 2020, KXIP vs DC: End of 3rd over in KXIP chase

Good start from Kagiso Rabada, always on the money. 4 runs from the over. This is a solid start for KXIP. Just what was expected two mates KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal.

21:48 hrs IST

Bowling change for DC

Kagiso Rabada has been introduced into the attack. A bit of a surprise here, thought Nortje deserved another over after his pacey first one but nevertheless we have Rabada in action now.

21:44 hrs IST

KL Rahul hits first six of KXIP innings

SIX! KL Rahul makes full use of the free hit. It was just the ideal ball to go for the bug shot. Mohit Sharma bowled a half volley on leg stump and Rahul flicked it deep into the empty stands.

21:43 hrs IST

A third umpire no ball

The siren goes off, that means the third umpire has spotted a no ball. It will be a free hit for KL Rahul.

21:38 hrs IST

Leg byes, but first boundary for KXIP

FOUR! Straying delivery from Nortje, that was easy for Rahul to get away with. Soft touch off the pads, the ball just goes way out of reach of Rishabh Pant and races away to the boundary. Punjab are on the way.

21:35 hrs IST

Chase begins

KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal begin KXIP’s 158-run chase. Anrich Nortje starts the attack for Delhi. HERE WE GO!

21:30 hrs IST

Marcus Stoinis after his heroics

Marcus Stoinis: “I think the partnership that Shreyas had with Rishabh was important, we were in a tough spot there. We were sort of looking for 130-140 after the early wickets. [That last over for 30] Yeah it was handy, that can happen in cricket. A lot of bowlers are going wider to me these days, so I’ve got to work on that stuff. [Walking across the stumps] was part of the game plan.”

21:20 hrs IST

End of DC innings

A lot of drama in the end. It was a no ball so DC had an extra ball and Nortje got 3 runs from it. DC finish with 157 for 8. 30 runs came from the final over of Chris Jordan.

21:18 hrs IST

Marcus Stoinis hits 20-ball 50

Take a bow Marcus Stoinis - SIX, FOUR, FOUR, FOUR, FOUR, SIX and 1 in the last over before he got run out. He finishes with 53 off 21 balls.

21:13 hrs IST

Marcus Sotinis hits another six

SIX! What a start to the final over. Stoinis walks across his stumps, and flicks it over square-leg for a six. This is turning out to be a fantastic innings from Stoinis and could well turn out to be match-turning one.

20:09 hrs IST

Cottrell comes back to get Ashwin

OUT! Sheldon Cottrell makes a good comeback. He dismisses R Ashwin with a slower bouncer off the last ball of his spell and the salute is out. But the good thing for DC? Stoinis has got the strike for the last over, which will be bowled by Chris Jordan.

21:08 hrs IST

Marcus Stoinis on the charge

A hat-trick of fours from Marcus Stoinis’ bat. Just what the doctor ordered for DC. Sheldon Cottrell suddenly doesn’t know what to do. His 3 balls have yielded 13 runs (one was a wide). DC now have hopes of making it to 140.

21:05 hrs IST

KXIP vs DC live: 18 overs bowled

13 runs from Chris Jordan’s over. Some momentum at last for the Delhi Capitals. They have to make sure they get end their innings in a similar manner. The final 2 overs of the DC innings coming up.

21:03 hrs IST

Marcus Stoinis on the charge

SIX! FOUR! Marcus Stoinis has decided to use the long handle. He doesn’t have many options to be honest here, only 3 overs are remaining in the innings and DC need all the runs they can.

20:56 hrs IST

Sheldon Cottrell gets his maiden wicket for KXIP

OUT! Caught down the leg side. Sheldon Cottrell gets his first wicket. Axar Patel has to take the long walk back.


20:52 hrs IST

Ravi Bishnoi ends his spell on a high

What an over under pressure by young Bishnoi. Only 3 runs from the 16th over and Ravi Bishnoi has finished his spell with figures of 4 overs 1 for 22.

20:48 hrs IST

Strategic time out, last five overs

7 runs and a wicket. Mohammed Shami finishes with his best figures in the IPL. 4 overs 3 wickets and only 15 runs, brilliant stuff from the KXIP spearhead. DC are at 93 for 5 with only 5 overs remaining. How many can they get? I’d say around 130 will be a good one.

20:43 hrs IST

Mohammed Shami dismisses Shreyas Iyer

OUT! This is a big big wicket. Shreyas Iyer, the DC captain has been dismissed and guess who the bowler is? It’s Mohammed Shami. He can do no wrong today. It was a knuckle ball from the right-armer and Iyer mistimes it. He departs after a well-made 39.

20:40 hrs IST

Ravi Bishnoi gets Rishabh Pant

BOWLED! First wicket of IPL for Ravi Bishnoi. He was hit for a four in the previous ball, now comes back to dismiss Pant. He pushed it wider, Pant went for the wild swing, got an inside edge and onto the stumps.


20:38 hrs IST

Rishabh Pant joins the party

FOUR! All power there from Pant. This was just a bit straight from Bishnoi and Pant hits it straight over his head for a boundary.

20:34 hrs IST

Shreyas Iyer hits back-to-back sixes

SIX! SIX! Out of the ground. Boy Shreyas Iyer can hit them big. What clean hitting. Minimal use of the feet and total power and timing. One straight over Gowtham’s head and the next one over long on. This is exactly what DC need now.

20:29 hrs IST

Fifty partnership

Rishabh Pant takes a single and that brings up the fifty-run stand between him and DC captain Shreyas Iyer. It has come at a run-a-ball. They have done a good job so far but now need to accelerate in the last 8 overs to take DC over 130.

20:22 hrs IST

Good start by Bishnoi, 10 overs bowled

A very good start by Ravi Bishnoi. He bowled a wide in his first ball but then finished the over on a high, giving just 3 more runs. We’re halfway through and DC are at 49 for 3.

20:19 hrs IST

Ravi Bishnoi gets first over in IPL

India U19 leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi has been thrown the ball. This will be his first over in the IPL. A big moment for the young leggie.

20:16 hrs IST

End of 9 overs, KXIP ahead in 1st strategic time out

9 overs bowled. It’s time for the first strategic time out. This was the best over of DC’s innings. Pant started with a four and then Iyer hit a massive six. 13 runs came from it. But apart form this one, KXIP have been brilliant. If Pant and Iyer bat well from here and then we predict a score of around 135-140 for DC from here on.

20:13 hrs IST

Shreyas Iyers hits first six of DC vs KXIP match

SIX! That went out of the world, 99 metres. Shreyas Iyer shows exactly what he can do when he gets his eyes in. A nice stride forward, holds his position and smacks it right from the middle of the bat. It lands deep into the stands.

20:11 hrs IST

Another tight over for KXIP

Chris Jordan uses all his experience and bowls a very tidy over conceding only 5 runs in the over. We have to wait and see when Pant and Iyer decide to attack.

20:05 hrs IST

End of 7 overs

Pretty good start from Gowtham. Only 4 runs from his first over. It’s only rebuilding now for DC. They need to first make sure there’s no further wickets and only then can Pant and Iyer go for their shots.

20:02 hrs IST

Bowling change for KXIP

Off-spinner Krishnappa Gowtham has been introduced into the attack. This will be the firs sign of spin today, let’s see how he goes.

20:01 hrs IST

DC vs KXIP: End of powerplay

Another fantastic over from Mohammed Shami, only two runs from it and he once again tested the batsmen with his pace and bounce. At the end of the powerplay DC are 23 for 3 with Prithvi Shaw and Shreyas Iyer in the middle. The powerplay has been KXIP’s, there is no doubt about that.

19:55 hrs IST

Rishabh Pant and Shreyas Iyer the key for DC

FOUR! A cracking square cut from Rishabh Pant and that off the front foot. That’s what he brings to the table. He has to stitch a partnership with captain Shreyas Iyer. DC can still make a comeback in this match if Pant and Iyer fire. They have the all-rounders Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel and Ashwin to follow.

19:52 hrs IST

Another wicket for Shami

OUT! Mohammed Shami is on fire at the moment. What a snorter of a delivery. Hetmyer closed his bat a bit too early, got a leading edge and Maynak Agarwal took a simple catch in the covers. It’s a dream start for KXIP. They have reduced DC to 14 for 3 in 4 overs.

19:48 hrs IST

Shami gets Shaw

OUT! A dreadful shot from Prithvi Shaw. He had played a few today but this time he gets a t]op edge, gets no timing at all and Chris Jordan makes no mistake at mid-on.

19:45 hrs IST

3 overs bowled

Brilliant over by Sheldon Cottrell. Just 1 run from it. The KXIP new-ball bowlers are all over the DC batsmen so far. They are 8 for 1 at the end of 3 overs after being sent in to bat.

19:41 hrs IST

Gowtham drops Hetmyer

So near yet so far. It was a difficult chance but it just went away from the outstretched hands of Krishnappa Gowtham. Shimron Hetmyer survives. But what about Shami’s bowling? He looked like getting a wicket every ball

19:38 hrs IST

Shikhar Dhawan out for a duck

OUT! A disastrous start for the Delhi Capitals. Shikhar Dhawan has been dismissed for a duck because of a duck. It was vicious bouncer from Mohammed Shami, Dahwan went for the pull, Rahul behind the stumps failed to gather it cleanly. But Dhawan went off for a single without even seeing where the ball is. Rahul then was smart enough to throw the ball back in time.

19:35 hrs IST

First over bowled

It was an interesting first over from Sheldon Cottrell. It had a full toss, an outside edge for four and a few god length balls. DC scored five runs from it.

19:32 hrs IST

Prithvi Shaw hits first four

FOUR! No slips and the ball flies to the third man boundary. Prithvi Shaw hits the first four of the DC vs KXIP match. It was fuller length delivery from Cottrell, Shaw went hard at it, got a thick outside edge and it flew to the fence.

19:31 hrs IST

A full toss to start by Cottrell

Oh that was an interesting start to the DC vs KXIP match. Cottrell almost bowled a beamer to Prithvi Shaw. It was very close to being called a no ball.

19:29 hrs IST

Prithvi Shaw to face first ball

Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan have walked out in the middle. It will Prithvi Shaw who will face the first ball against Sheldon Cottrell.

19:22 hrs IST

IPL 2020, DC vs KXIP: Key players to watch out for

Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, R Ashwin and Kaguso Rabada will be the ones to watch to for in the Delhi Capitals playing XI.

KL Rahul, Glenn Maxwell, Sheldon Cottrell and Ravi Bishnoi will hold the key for KXIP in today’s match.

19:17 hrs IST

KXIP Playing XI vs DC

Lokesh Rahul(c), Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Sarfaraz Khan, Glenn Maxwell, Nicholas Pooran(w), Krishnappa Gowtham, Chris Jordan, Sheldon Cottrell, Ravi Bishnoi, Mohammed Shami

19:14 hrs IST

IPL 2020 DC Playing XI vs KXIP

Shikhar Dhawan, Prithvi Shaw, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Shimron Hetmyer, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje, Mohit Sharma

19:10 hrs IST

DC vs KXIP live score: The captains speak

“Fresh wicket, don’t really know what to expect. I’m confident and so is the entire team, great opportunity to go out and play some cricket,” said KXIP captain KL Rahul.

“We would have bowled first as well. I have learnt to take some responsibility, with the likes of Ponting and Ganguly, it makes my task a bit easier. Looking forward to a great season,” said DC captain Shreyas Iyer

19:07 hrs IST

Kagiso Rabada and Anrich Norje both in DC Playing XI

The four overseas players in the Delhi Capitals Playing XI for today’s match are Shimron Hetmyer, Kasgiso Rabada, Marcus Stoinis and Anrich Nortje

19:05 hrs IST

No Chris Gayle in KXIP Playing XI

BREAKING NEWS here: Chris Gayle has not been picked in the Kings XI Punjab Playing XI for their first match against Delhi Capitals.

Glenn Maxwell, Nicholas Pooran, Chris Jordan and Sheldon Cottrell are the four foreigners for KXIP.

19:03 hrs IST

KXIP win the Toss

Kings XI Punjab won the toss and opted to bowl first against Delhi Capitals in the second match of IPL 2020 in Dubai.

18:52 hrs IST

Intense conversation before the toss

The Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting and Mohammad Kaif were seen passing some last-minute suggestions to captain Shreyas Iyer.


18:50 hrs IST

Sheldon Cottrell to make debut

Sheldon Cottrell has been handed the KXIP the cap by Chris Gayle. So the West Indian fast bowler will make his KXIP debut today. Will we see the salute?

18:47 hrs IST

R Ashwin ready to play his former team KXIP

“Hasn’t come across in my mind at all (playing against his former side KXIP). I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The preparations have been great. Most of our boys I’ve played with in the Indian team, I’ve been treated as a senior player,” DC off-spinner tells the official broadcasters.

18:43 hrs IST

DC vs KXIP pitch report

A magical cricket ground, the best ever. Good covering of grass. It does look a bit different. Long tournament, so expect the wicket to play good just like last night. The dimensions of the ground will be key: Kevin Pietersen and Michale Slater in the pitch report.

18:35 hrs IST

Sunil Gavaskar speaks on KL Rahul

“Being an opening batsman is an advantage as far as KL Rahul is concerned. All in all, this season will see KL Rahul emerge as an all-rounder,” says Sunil Gavaskar in the pre-match show.

18:28 hrs IST

KXIP vs DC head-to-head in IPL

• In the last 5 matches between the two sides, KXIP have won 4 matches losing just once against Delhi.

• Among the currently active sides, Punjab have won most matches against Delhi and possess the best win rate (58.33).

• Delhi have lost 14 matches to Kings XI in the IPL. Only Chennai Super Kings (15 wins) have more wins over Delhi than KXIP

• Delhi and Punjab had totally different ending to their respective seasons in the group stages last year.

• Punjab won just one of their last 5 matches of the group stages whereas Delhi, ended on a strong note, winning 4 out of the last 5 group stage matches.

18:20 hrs IST

Pant vs Mujeeb can decide the outcome of DC vs KXIP

Rishabh Pant is a powerhouse in IPL and one of the main weapons of Delhi Capitals. If he gets in, he has the ability to take the game away from the opposition. What does KXIP do? in Mujeeb, they have option who can tackle Pant and even dismiss him early in the innings. (Click here to read the complete story)

18:10 hrs IST

IPL 2020: DC vs KXIP, Dubai venue insights

Highest Team Total: 184/1 By Sunrisers Hyderabad Against Delhi Capitals

Lowest Team Total: 133/10 By Rajasthan Royals Against Chennai Super Kings.

Highest Individual Score: 88 By Aaron Finch (Sunrisers Hyderabad) Against Delhi Capitals

Best Bowling Figures: 4/14 By Mohit Sharma (Chennai Super Kings) Against Mumbai Indians

Highest Partnership: 128 By David Warner And Aaron Finch (Sunrisers Hyderabad) For 2nd Wicket Against Delhi Capitals.

Win Rate Batting First: 42.86% (3 Won; 4 Lost)

18:01 hrs IST

A different jersey for DC for KXIP match in IPL 2020

Delhi Capitals will be honouring the Covid-warriors in their opening match of IPL 2020 against Kings XI Punjab.


17:53 hrs IST

Who should DC open with against KXIP?

Well well that’s a hard choice. But considering what DC head Ricky Ponting had to say about Ajinkya Rahane it looks like it will be Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi Shaw. Then where does Rahane bat? Iyer and Pant and are automatic choices for No.3 and 4. No.5 will be too low for Rahane in T20 cricket, if doesn’t open then there isn’t really much of a scope for him in the DC starting XI.

17:45 hrs IST

Selection headache for KXIP ahead of DC match

Gayel or Pooran? Karun Nair or Safaraz Khan? Chris Jordan or Sheldon Cottrell? I wouldn’t be wanna the KXIP captain and coach for sure. But who needs to be that to select the playing XI? Thanks to various fantasy leagues, everyone is a selector.

17:35 hrs IST

Injury scare for DC ahead of KXIP match

A bit of a setback for the Capitals and its fans with reports coming in that Ishant Sharma has suffered a back injury and is likely to sit this game out. We still haven’t got any official word in yet. If Ishant misses out then Mohit Sharma might get a game.

17:25 hrs IST

KXIP vs DC, IPL 2020: Who is the favourite?

Aritra: I’ll go with Delhi Capitals, they just look balanced this time. If you look at their squad, they have a back-up for each and every position. Like we saw yesterday, the spinners will definitely have a role to play and DC probably have the best spin-bowling attack in the IPL led by Ashiwn, Amit Mishra, Axar Patel and Sandeep Lamichhane. With the addition of Anrich Nortje, their pace attack - which will be led by Kagiso Rabada - also loos pretty good. But my mate Karan, will obviously have a different opinion

Karan: Always Aritra, the day I’ll agree with you, we’ll see Ishant Sharma opening the batting in Test cricket. I’ll go with Kings XI Punjab. Look at their top three - Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul. Can you name a better top three in IPL? Maybe SRH will come close. They also have Glenn Maxwell, who has redeemed himself as an all-rounder. So my bet is on KXIP.

17:15 hrs IST

IPL 2020, Match 2: DC vs KXIP

A very good evening to all our viewers! We welcome you back to our coverage of the 2020 Indian Premier League. Yesterday, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings played out a highly competitive match to kick the IPL off, with CSK finally snapping MI’s five-match winning streak against their arch-rivals.

With that, the dice now rolls to two other teams who will open their IPL 2020 campaign - Delhi Capitals and Kings XI Punjab, the fabled Northern Derby. I’m Aritra Mukherjee, your host for today and with me is Karan Prashant Saxena.

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