South Africa vs New Zealand

The match is likely to end in a draw and the outcome will be decided by a bowl out, writes Anita Nigam.

cricket Updated: Sep 20, 2007 17:47 IST

This match will see tough competitions from both the sides. There are 90% chances that it will result in a draw so the outcome will be finally decided by a bowl out.

If New Zealand bat first, they will heighten their chances of winning. The match will take sudden and unexpected turns. The performance of both the teams will be excellent. Though, the stars are in favour of New Zealand. But the planets will create hurdles and sudden ups and downs on the ground.

There are chances that the match will be in favour of New Zealand (they can win at a very narrow margin) but on the condition of batting first.

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First Published: Sep 19, 2007 19:24 IST