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Oct 03, 2022 01:45 PM IST

This week, there are only three elements and still no compulsion, but I give you A, B and C all the same. I picked these words out of three different dictionaries. Here are the puzzles:

There is no compulsion to do this, but it is always fun when the elements of our puzzle can be identified by their initial letters, especially when they are in alphabetical order. Last week, for example, we had cheetahs named Astronomica, Biologica, Climaticologica etc.

Welcome to Problematics! (Shutterstock) PREMIUM
Welcome to Problematics! (Shutterstock)

This week, there are only three elements and still no compulsion, but I give you A, B and C all the same. I picked these words out of three different dictionaries: an aebleskive is a Danish pastry shaped like a muffin; a baklava is a cake of Middle-Eastern origin made of pastry layers and filled with honey and nuts; and clafoutis is a French baked pudding.

Puzzle 6.1 
Puzzle 6.1 
Puzzle 6.1 
Puzzle 6.1 
#Puzzle 6.2
A crime lord who does not believe in Internet banking summons his gangsters to deposit the collections they have made. From one small town, a large number board a train, reach HQ, and pay the Godfather a grand total of 63,59,23,909. This is after deduction of train fares both ways. Every gangster deposits the same amount. Without the fare deduction, the deposit from each gangster would have been a multiple of 1 lakh. How much is the train fare, one way?  
#Puzzle 5.1

Dear Sir,  

Putting all the clues together, we get the answer to #Puzzle 5.1. Demographica and and Greyhound sit at the northern end, Biologica and Ecologica sit at the eastern end, Climatologica and Husky sit at the southern end, and Astronomica and Foxhound sit at the western end.   

I am looking forward to next week’s puzzles.  

— Sandra Danisha, Podar International School, Kalyan

#Puzzle 5.2  

Hi, Kabir.   

The word is HASTE.  

G, R, O, I, N get ruled out from the top 3 words because of GROIN. From ASIDE, 3 letters out of A, S, D, E have to be there. Out of B, D, E (BRIDE) only 1 letter can remain, and it cannot be B because either one of D or E has to be there. T and H is a must (from THORN). If we choose D from BRIDE, then T, H, A, S, D don't make a word ending with a vowel. Taking E makes HASTE.  

— Kritika Bhatia, Delhi

Solved both puzzles: Sandra Danisha, Kritika Bhatia, Sanidhya Saumay (Mumbai), Ravinder Gahlout (Delhi), Himanish Kumar (Delhi), Shibha Jain, Kevin Ngangom (Delhi), Ayush Tandon (Delhi), Shriyukta Khanna (Noida), Aarika Goel (Gurgaon), Shivansh Prakash (Noida), Gaganjot Kaur, Trusha Sohoni (Mumbai), Vaishali Aggarwal (Gurgaon), Shawn Jacob (Navi Mumbai), Alka Mehta (Delhi), Jasvinder Singh (Nabha), Amrit B L S (Hyderabad), Avanti Kashikar (Mumbai), Aidan Williams, Navleen Kaur (Jalandhar), S C Dogra (Delhi), Jyoti Bhat (Mumbai), Col J S Sabharwal (Mohali), Madhuri Patwardhan (Thane), Iram Kazi (Mumbai), Shivika Gupta (Delhi), Aparna Bhosle (Mumbai), Ravinder Singh (Rupnagar), Rishi Kapadia (Mumbai), Shuchi Mahajan (Faridabad), Vinod Mahajan (Delhi), Biren Parmar (Bay Area, California), Natrajan (Bangalore), Gunottama (Delhi), Sahil Vij (Bahadurgarh), Divya Prakash (Delhi), Vineet Jain (Gurgaon), Jasleen Kaur (Delhi), Geetansha Gera (Mumbai) 
Solved Puzzle 5.1: Tarun Goyal, Tanish Sharma (Delhi), Nimesh Jain (Mumbai), Paran Bawa, Kainat Khateeb, Hardit Singh, Priyo Gopal, Prathmesh Nadarge, Divya Verma (Delhi), Mayobhav Pathak (Gurgaon), Avidha Haldar (Delhi), Stuti Juneja, Aishwarya Sreejith (Mumbai), Deep Shikha, Dolly Saraf (Delhi), Arnav Singh (Ghaziabad), Indu Jhingan (Delhi), Dr Arun Kakkar (Jalandhar)
Solved Puzzle 5.2: Dr Kamlesh Kanodia (Delhi), Shailendra Jain (Delhi), Nupur Joshi (Delhi), Anu Kathpalia, Sonu Sud, Arun K Rao (Lucknow), Meenakshi Prabhakar (Delhi), Saraswathy Kurup (Delhi), Renuka Mathur (Delhi)

Problematics will be back next week. Please send in your replies to

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    Puzzles Editor Kabir Firaque is the author of the weekly column Problematics. A journalist for three decades, he also writes about science and mathematics.

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