Problematics | Spot the cheetahs at the roundtable

Sep 26, 2022 12:42 PM IST

This puzzle involves eight big cats released into a national park.

This puzzle involves a number of characters, so the introductions first. The five female cheetahs are called Astronomica, Biologica, Climatologica, Demographica and Ecologica, while the three males are Foxhound, Greyhound and Husky. All eight have been released into a national park, where they sit around a circle surveying their new home.

Welcome to Problematics! (Shutterstock) PREMIUM
Welcome to Problematics! (Shutterstock)

Puzzle 5.1
Puzzle 5.1
Puzzle 5.2 
Puzzle 5.2 
Mailbox: Last week’s solvers 

Hi Kabir, 

Let the overs remaining be x, and runs the batter has scored at that point be y.  

15 (x - 1) + y = 100 

10 (x + 1) + y = 100 

Solving, x = 5, y = 40 

So, current score being 40 and needing 60 runs in 5 overs, he needs to score at 12 runs per over. He is making these calculations after the 15th over. 

— Biren Parmar, Bay Area, California

Last week's solvers! 
Last week's solvers! 
Prateek Malhotra from Delhi observes: “A deliberate short run can lead to 5 runs being awarded to the opposition, so either the batter has to be smart enough to make sure it doesn't look deliberate, or be willing to award 5 penalty runs to the opposition each time he takes a short run.” 
Solved both puzzles: Jasleen Kaur, Achal Upadhyay, Prateek Malhotra, Mahesh Sawant (Navi Mumbai), Paras Nahata, Asif Karmali, Pranjal Malpani (Navi Mumbai), Karan Kataria (Kota), Hezail Sharma (Faridabad), Natrajan (Bangalore), Jasvinder Singh (Nabha), Saurav Choudhury (Delhi) 
Puzzle 4.1 only: Biren Parmar (Bay Area, California), Ekansh Singh (Bhiwadi), Sachin Thapliyal, Chirag Behniwal, Susheel Nagwekar, Abushad Khan (Delhi), Akhilesh Gupta (Delhi), Amit Jain (Noida), Joy Pandya (Mumbai), Naman Mahajan, Col  Bharat Jhungon (Pune), Shawn Jacob, Priya Malik (Gurgaon), Ankur Khetan (Delhi), R S Annapoorna, Arun K Rao (Lucknow), Gururatna Upadhyay (Mumbai), Aditya Anand (Mumbai), Mayobhav Pathak (Gurgaon), Akshit Goel (Delhi), Ihit Bhardwaj (Goldcrest High, Navi Mumbai), Kartikeya Batra (Faridabad), Rajender Parsad Agarwal (Delhi), Musarrat Rai Handa (Faridabad), Ananthakrishnan Subramanian, Prashant Shenava (Mumbai), Nimish Sarpande, Neetu Jain and Akshat Jain (Gurgaon), Vinod Mahajan (Delhi), Charu Sharma (Delhi), Dr G L Arora (Delhi), Sridhar (Navi Mumbai), Dilip D’Souza (Mumbai), Kevin Ngangom, Renuka Mathur, Mahinder Kaur (Delhi), Madhuri Patwardhan (Thane), Nupur Joshi (Delhi), Harmeet Singh (Delhi) 

Problematics will be back next week. Please send your replies to

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    Puzzles Editor Kabir Firaque is the author of the weekly column Problematics. A journalist for three decades, he also writes about science and mathematics.

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