A peek into an IITian’s daily diary
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A peek into an IITian’s daily diary

When you get up late for the first lecture in the morning you have to make a few sacrifices - missing the most vital meal of the day, for instance.

education Updated: Jun 08, 2016 14:38 IST
Anmol Gupta
Anmol Gupta
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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IIT Bombay is fun as there’s lots to do for everybody.(Hindustan Times/Prasad Gori)

There’s this ever intriguing question in the minds of the general public - how exactly does the oft-hyped IITian spend his/her day (the ‘her’ here actually seems like an overstatement; for the sex ratio at IIT Bombay is around 9:1, we guys really don’t get the best of everything, you know).

The average IITian wakes up from his blissful sleep by 8 am. With a superhuman effort, he picks himself up from his bed, and casts a casual glimpse around his room, a room that has been testament to half-hearted promises of tidying up – the chair looks like an open trunk of clothes, clothes that have for long demanded a trip to the ever-elusive washing machine, but to no avail.

He goes ahead with his morning chores; there’s a 71.3647% chance that he won’t bathe today, that’s where our beloved face-washes and deodorants come into action. Normally, he would have his lectures starting from around 8:30 am – so breakfast, as always, goes for a spin. Catching the bus (we fondly call them the tum-tums) is the next mission on his mind and more often than not, the result is not in favour of our poor subject.

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He reaches the lecture halls, just in time for the lecture to begin and sits at his place which is pretty much the same seat on which he sits for most of the year. There, he either listens to the professor intently (yes, this happens as well) or uses the blessed WiFi on his smartphone or even better, utilises this time to its best by taking a small nap; after all, “A nap a day can keep all your worries at bay!”.

At 12:30 pm, he gets back to the hostel for the lunch. Since most of the people have skipped the breakfast in order to get their attendance marked for the morning lecture, you can find quite a good number of people in the mess at this time regardless of the quality of the food. There’s still a lot of time for the next session to begin (at 2 pm), which means either another session of lectures/tutorials or a three hour gruelling lab session. Till then, this he rests for a bit or just chats with his friends in the mess/hostel lounge.

The leisure part of the day (one gets a good deal of that here, trust me) is spent in a large number of ways - it’s tough to define what an ‘average IITian’ does during this ‘lukkha’ time (that’s the word we use for leisure) , says Anmol Gupta (Handout Image)

Finally at 5 pm, the classes/labs come to an end and our hero is back to the hostel, heading straight towards the mess. It’s the time for the best meal of the day, the evening-snacks! He sits at a table with a group of friends, savouring the food, his mind boggling with thoughts on “life, universe and everything” at the same time gossiping with his friends over general stuff on the campus (read: just another club event).

At night, he generally eats in the mess or if he has got enough money, he would head to the hostel canteen. So, to shed light on some of them, if one is interested in tech – you can find him/her in our beloved Tinkerer’s Lab, where most of the techie-geeks find bliss, or if you’re more into cultural activities, there’s the Student Activity Centre where some really amazing events are planned; for the sports enthusiasts, the Gymkhana grounds and indoor courts are like a second-home; and then there’s the class of people who simply love their academics to the core and would spend hours at a stretch in the library or in their own rooms, ‘mugging’ as we like to call it. Of course, there’s always time in the day for those never-ending debates on topics relevant or irrelevant, from politics to sports, from movies to TV series, from life in the campus to life in the city – the list goes on and on…

Any IIT Bombay guy would definitely check onto his social accounts at least once in a day (mostly during the night) to keep himself updated on the stuff happening around in the campus – updates on events, new online trends (read: spamming), networking, chatting, or just casual newsfeed browsing.

With all these ‘tasks’ done for the day, our guy lends his body to his beloved bed again.

The author is a second-year biological engineering student at IIT Bombay

Coordinated by Rozelle Laha

First Published: Jun 08, 2016 14:38 IST