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Bade Miyan Chote Miyan review: Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff serve a formulaic action spectacle with abundant swag

Apr 11, 2024 03:10 PM IST

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan review: Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff's chemistry is the highlight of this Ali Abbas Zafar 'action film by numbers'.

Is bringing two big action stars together a job almost done? Star power does help create the right buzz to some extent and Bade Miyan Chote Miyan ticks most boxes when it comes to serving a masala entertainer that's massy and classy at the same time. But does it really promise a good time at the movies? It has some good-looking actors, stunning locations, high-octane action, quality VFX, and to top it all, a director like Ali Abbas Zafar who has helmed blockbusters such as Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai. But where is the novelty?

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan review: Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff fight deadliest psychopath in the film.
Bade Miyan Chote Miyan review: Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff fight deadliest psychopath in the film.

Even the storyline, where heroes Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff are trying to save 'Karan Kavach', the most dangerous weapon India has made to protect itself from Pakistan and China, seems lifted from the 2022, Aditya Roy Kapur-starrer Rashtra Kavach Om. My congratulations if you managed to survive that film.

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A mix of Bollywood, Hollywood action movies

Coming back to BMCM, its screenplay ends up looking like pieces picked from Pathaan, Jawan, War and Marvel films. There is barely anything in the film that you have not seen in the past. To put it simply, it's the recycled version of all done to death tropes that Bollywood has been relying for a tad too long now.

Captain Firoz aka Freddy (Akshay Kumar) and Captain Rakesh aka Rocky (Tiger Shroff), two of the best court-martialled officers are brought back into Indian Forces, led by Colonel Adil Shekhar Azad (Ronit Bose Roy), to save the country from a masked enemy, Kabir (Prithviraj Sukumaran), and bring back from him a very important 'package' aka Karan Kavach that he has stolen. Assisted by Captain Misha (Manushi Chillar), and IT specialist Pam (Alaya F), the mission is all about saving the country. Officer Priya Dixit (Sonakshi Sinha) is also a part of the mission, though she is the one to be rescued after a series of events unfold. How friends turn enemies and the good stands in way of the evil is what forms the crux of Bade Miyan Chote Miyan that stretches for 164 minutes.

Honestly, I have stopped looking for any logic when it comes to action films. Not that all of them are brainless! Written by Suraj Gianani and Ali Abbas Zafar, BMCM does have a storyline that could have been promising -- but the execution gets so overboard that you barely focus on the story. It's all about gunshots, bomb blasts, planes and cars being set ablaze, and each time you see fire on the screen, the heroes walk in slo-mo, expecting us to not blink an eye. Also, audiences have cheered enough last year when they saw some raw action in Pathaan, Jawan and Tiger 3. Replicating it in Bade Miyan Chote Miyan doesn't really make it an equally good watch. Imagine justifying how Akshay and Tiger, despite being injured, always manage to get back on their feet and fight it out with the same force. We hear an officer say, 'Yeh jiss regiment se aate hain, uska naam hai Lions, aur iss regiment ka soldier jitna zakhmi hota hai utna zyada khatarnaak hota hai'. What a cleverly placed dialogue!

Even in the entertainment department, while the actioner has a lot of humour sprinkled throughout, often delivered in signature styles of its lead actors, it all turns so bland when you try and look for some real fun. The screenplay by Ali Abbas Zafar and Aditya Basu is pretty fast paced and doesn't let you breathe, think or blink an eye. Whether it's a good or a bad thing, I'd leave to you to decide.

Actors save the day

However, one thing BMCM has in abundance is swag, and it gets three times better each time Akshay, Tiger and Prithviraj appear on screen. Akshay knows his territory well, and watching him do action is always a visual treat and a delight for his fans. Sporting a moustache and being the matured half of the duo, he plays his age well though it's incredible to see him do this insane action at the age of 56. Looking as good as Akshay in the action department, Tiger complements his Bade pretty well. He's the cooler one with a sense of humour and believes in show off but with a lot of panache. Just like watching Hrithik Roshan and Tiger dancing together in War turned out to be the perfect dream sequence, watching Akshay and Tiger pack a punch in BMCM is the only factor in the film worth your money.

Oh, wait, there's Prithviraj stealing the show and how! He's terrific as the bad guy, and even when he was good (flashback sequence telling us what went wrong between the friends and why Kabir turned rogue), he looked breathtakingly hot. His dialogue delivery with that baritone is perhaps the best traits a villain could boast of. Ronit Roy never disappoints, and with BMCM, he not only shows his range and versatility as an actor, but also proves why he is among the most reliable ones.

Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff in a still from Bade Miyan Chote Miyan.
Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff in a still from Bade Miyan Chote Miyan.

The ladies, too, get ample screen time and scope to flaunt their acting chops and aren't there merely as props brought in for convenience. Manushi has got some great hand combat scenes and it's good to see a female actor perform some intense action sequences. On the other hand, Alaya being the nerdy Gen Z genius brings a lot of freshness and gets to do something quite different from her previous outings in Freddy and Jawaani Deewani. Sonakshi's character is reduced to a special appearance in the credits and she brings nothing new to the table.

Another thing that's hard to miss in BMCM are the heavy weight dialogues that are unapologetically melodramatic, and borderline jingoistic. Check these for instance: 'Sabse khatarnak dushman woh hota hai, jiske andar maut ka darr hi na ho, Ek naya dushman kayi baar purana dost hota hai, Hum bahut purane dost hain, ek dusre ke lite jaan de bhi sakte hain aur ek dusre ki jaan le bhi sakte hain.' One more for the patriotic feel: 'Dil se soldier, dimaag se shaitaan hain hum, bachch ke rehna humse, Hindustaan hain hum.'

Cinematographer Marcin Laskawiec brings out the beauty of Scotland, London, Luton, Abu Dhabi, and Jordan in the best possible way in some beautifully shot sequences. And when the loud thuds of blasts aren't piercing through your ears, background score by Julius Packiam is enough to build the mood.

For those with a penchant for action films, good, bad or ugly, BMCM will definitely make for a one-time watch. If nothing else, Akshay and Tiger's onscreen camaraderie and bromance is quite impressive, and it translates well from real to reel. Each time we see Chote has to introduce Bade, we hear him say, 'Mera ego mere talent se bada hai, unka sabse bada talent hi unki ego hai'. That's about it. If you can leave you ego aside and watch this without thinking much, give it a shot.

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