Malaika Arora reveals parents were upset about her being trolled on social media: 'I told them to stop reading garbage'

Malaika Arora said she had to tell her parents to not focus energies on trolls and what they say after they were upset by some of the things said about her on social media.
Malaika Arora with her parents.
Malaika Arora with her parents.
Updated on Mar 09, 2022 09:29 PM IST
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Actor Malaika Arora is no stranger to trolling. In several interviews and statements over the years, the actor has said she has learnt to turn a deaf ear to all the trolling and criticism she gets from random strangers on the internet. However, in a recent interview she revealed that her parents did still get affected by it. It got to a point where Malaika had to speak with them and ask them to let it go. (Also read: Arjun on being trolled for dating Malaika: ‘I've been through worse in life')

Malaika spoke about how social media took everyone by surprise in the initial years and the trolling did upset her but she learnt to brush it aside. However, the actor said that her parents would often get upset on reading or hearing things others said about her.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Malaika said, "My parents would keep saying, 'beta someone said this or that'. And finally, I sat them down and said, 'Enough! Stop reading this garbage. It is complete BS. Please do not focus your energies on this'. At the end of the day, they are parents and they hear something, they get upset. But once I sat them down, that was that. It never ever came up again."

In the same interaction, Malaika also said that a lot if trolling was based in double standards since celebs in the West are applauded for wearing something while their Indian counterparts are trolled for wearing something similar. She said, "I feel people are very hypocritical. The same thing if you see on a Rihanna or JLo, you'd be like wah, wah. The same thing if you do here, people go why is she wearing that? She is a mother. Why be hypocrites? Why have double standards?"

In an earlier interview, Malaika's boyfriend actor Arjun Kapoor had spoken about the trolling the two received over their age gap. Speaking to Hindustan Times, he had said, "Yes, I’ve stood by her. And, she has stood by me. We stood by each other through this relationship, facing speculation, facing brickbats, facing chatter, unnecessary at times, because of social media toxicity. It was hell for us for many days. She had to face so much because of the fact that we came out in the open, but I admire her for giving me and our relationship so much dignity."

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