Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar got married in 2018.
Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar got married in 2018.

Milind Soman wants to learn Bihu dance, asks wife Ankita Konwar to teach him the steps

  • Milind Soman and wife Ankita Konwar had an interaction on Instagram over Bihu dance. As she danced, he made a request. Check it out here.
PUBLISHED ON APR 15, 2021 08:15 PM IST

Milind Soman's wife, Ankita Konwar, posted a video of performing Assam's Bihu dance. Milind reacted to it, saying she could teach him the steps, too.

Sharing a video, Ankita wrote: "Oh how I LOVED dancing Bihu as a child! Never had to force a smile whenever I performed, be it the stage or in the house, the smile was always genuine. It still brings that smile back whenever I hear the sound of dhol-pepa." Reacting to it, Milind wrote: "Can teach me this step in #notalockdown."


Milind and Ankita got married in 2018 in Mumbai. Both are active on social media and often share posts together. At the time of their wedding, the actor-model had to face a lot of criticism over their age gap. He is 26 years elder to her. Appearing in an advertisement for a toothpaste brand, the actor addressed the issue and touched upon other stereotypes. Ankita had featured in it as well.

Giving his take on the issue, Milind says in the video: "Conventionally, society has created these barriers for people when they fall in love. These are the people who should be together, these are the people who should get together. Those are based on many things – race, religion, country, gender…I think there should not be any barriers. I think everybody should be free to choose who they love and who they like and that should be based just on feelings that they have in the heart, it should have nothing to do with the society.”

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Ankita too had spoken about their age gap and about falling in love in an interview with HT Brunch. She had said: “When I decided to go out with him, I got to know the person he is. I started liking that person, adoring him over time, and eventually I fell in love with him. My friends were a little concerned, like every friend is when a new guy enters a friend’s life. But once they got to know him for real, they were supportive. My family, on the other hand, had a whole lot of questions about all our crazy differences, the age gap being a serious one amongst them. But again, when they met Milind and got to know how humble and real he was, they all accepted us wholeheartedly.”

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