Sameera Reddy is proud of her grey hair.
Sameera Reddy is proud of her grey hair.

Sameera Reddy flaunts grey hair in new video, mom-in-law comments: 'Sign of the wise and the wacky'

  • Sameera Reddy shared a message for trolls, even as she flaunted her grey hair in a video with music composed by Yashraj Mukhate. Her mom-in-law had the best comment.
PUBLISHED ON APR 28, 2021 11:41 AM IST

Actor Sameera Reddy has the perfect message for trolls who wish to pull her down for her attitude and posts. Combined with music composition by popular YouTuber Yashraj Mukhate, Sameera shared her message on Instagram recently.

Sameera is seen playing with her hair, prominently grey, as she says, "Excuse me! Comment karne wale log yaad rakhna. Meri zindagi hai, kaise bhi jiyu tumse matlab? Apni zindagi dekho yaar, kisiki zindagi me dakhal mat dedo. Kya hota maloom gaali milti, yummy yummy wali gaali milti (People who comment, please remember. This is my life, I will live the way I wish, how does it concern you? Do not interfere in anyone's life. Do you know what happens? You get delicious abuses in return)."

Sameera shared it on Tuesday and captioned the video, "I’ve never worried about the comment Karney wale log. And you shouldn’t either just be yourself Grey hair don’t care No Gaali only taali #bekind @yashrajmukhate thank you for cheering me up with this awesome tune #staysafe #messymama #imperfectlyperfect."

Sameera's mother-in-law, Manjari Varde commented, "Grey hair is simply a sign of the wise and the wonderful and the witty and the wacky ones I’m proof na." Many fans also lauded the actor for the post. "Your a Rockstar Babe mast mast lots of respect to you," one wrote. Another one commented, "U are like me... True saggi.. I can relate to you."

Sameera often shares posts on how she deals with body image issues. She has championed the cause of accepting one's body and being positive about life.

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She revealed last week that her entire family tested positive for coronavirus. Her kids - Hans and Nyra and husband Akshai tested positive for the virus, along with the actor. She added that her mother-in-law, who stays with them, hasn't been affected.

The actor wrote in an Instagram post, "Lots of people asking me about Hans and Nyra so here is the update. The past week Hans had high fevers , headaches , body ache, upset tummy and severe fatigue . It lasted for 4 days . It was very unusual So we tested him and he was COVID positive. I have to admit initially I did feel complete panic because however much you think you are prepared, you just never completely are for something like this. Immediately Nyra started showing symptoms. She had fevers and upset tummy. I gave her cold compress and paracetamol on SoS."


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