A free pass into DRIPPIN’s dreams for a better tomorrow

In an HT City exclusive, K-pop group DRIPPIN talks about their aspirations for the future, and dealing with the challenges of the pandemic. 
K-pop group DRIPPIN, with members aged 16 to 21 years, recently released their new summer album, Free Pass.
K-pop group DRIPPIN, with members aged 16 to 21 years, recently released their new summer album, Free Pass.
Updated on Jul 09, 2021 07:51 PM IST
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The show must go on is what they say. And that’s quite true for South Korea’s music industry, which did not completely halt its wheels even during the Covid-19 crisis. New music and artistes continued to be launched, even with live performances facing restrictions. And one such name that’s gaining attention on the K-pop landscape, amid the pandemic, is the all-male septet, DRIPPIN. With six members being former participants of Produce X 101, a popular South Korean music reality show, the act debuted in 2020.

Grateful for the support from fans across the globe, leader Yunseong, 20, says, “We hope we can meet our fans up close in a live performance soon.” It cannot be denied that the pandemic presents a unique set of challenges to gain a foothold in the already competitive music scene. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going is what these talented youngsters believe. Their passion for music and performing fuels them to continue working hard, while strictly following all Covid-19 related protocols. 

With their recently released their summer album Free Pass, DRIPPIN wants to add some “fresh energy” and liveliness to people’s lives in these tough times. Optimistic about a pandemic-free future, the group also says, “We hope to come and see fans in India soon”. 

Maintaining individuality and cohesiveness of the members’ unique charms are among their focus points for the near future. The band intends to create a distinctive sound and image that the listeners can instantly recognise as “Oh it’s DRIPPIN!” 

In the K-pop industry, artists’ personalities play a significant role in their success, helping them forge a priceless bond with their fanbase. So, on the subject of individuality, we ask them what they consider their personal strengths or charms. 

Hyeop, the 21-year-old main vocalist whose alternate career choice would have been a crime scene investigator, considers himself in charge of adding that “DRIPPIN flavour” to their music. Dongyun, 19, says he’s been appreciated for his easy going nature, and that he often acts as a “therapist” to those around him. 

Changuk, 19, says he’s a fast learner while Junho, also 19, points out his dedication to master anything he sets his eyes on. Alex, the youngest member at 16, is fluent in English, French and German, thanks to his Korean-German parentage.

Meanwhile, Yunseong says his focus is on putting in “two-three times the effort” so as to provide a stable “foundation” for the rest of the group. Spoken like a leader! And while 19-year-old Minseo jests about the strength of his hair being his strong point, it’s not actually untrue, given the amount of hair dye, styling and heat an idol’s scalp is treated with!Ask them about their personal idols in the industry, and they mention Shinee, nicknamed Princes of K-pop and known for cult hits such as Lucifer and Replay. “We found them and their performances really cool. We have even done dance covers to their songs. Some day, we hope people can look up to us how we look up to Shinee,” they tell us.

In the past, they have also spoken about their appreciation for BTS and EXO, two of the biggest Korean group acts. 

The septet is also not untouched by the allure of Bollywood. Their recommendation for an enjoyable watch is Aamir Khan’s 2009 film, 3 Idiots — quite the popular choice with South Koreans! 

These youngsters’ dreams are huge, and their dedication to their craft strong. Being under the same label as K-pop groups Infinite and Golden Child, there’s a lot of expectations from them. But, they are no strangers to pressure. As they “show their artistic colours in the years to come”, they are giving their listeners a free pass to join along in their journey!  

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