Composer Yashraj Mukhate’s latest dialogue mashup, Pawri Ho Rai Hai, has gone viral.
Composer Yashraj Mukhate’s latest dialogue mashup, Pawri Ho Rai Hai, has gone viral.

Pawri Ho Rai Hai goes viral: Yashraj Mukhate says, ‘Things on which I put too much mind don’t really work’

After Rasode Mein Kaun Tha and Twadda Kutta Tommy, Yashraj Mukhate is breaking the internet with his latest composition, Pawri Ho Rai Hai mashup, and he says the video is breaking his own personal records.
By Sugandha Rawal
UPDATED ON FEB 19, 2021 01:33 PM IST

The Pawri Ho Rai Hai viral video is truly having its Bollywood moment with stars such as Shahid Kapoor, Randeep Hooda, Sidharth Malhotra, Vijay Varma among other, giving their quirky twist to the composition by Yashraj Mukhate. Elated with the response, the composer says he has realised that his spontaneous creations work well as compared to the ones where he puts in too much effort.

“I’m getting an amazing response. (Through) my last two-three videos which were dialogue mashups, I got to know that people are not interested in serious music. So, I really wanted this mashup to blow up like my other videos,” says Mukhate, who first came into the spotlight when he picked up a dialogue from a daily soap and turned it into a rap, Rasode Mein Kaun Tha!.

This time, he found inspiration from across the border. He picked up a video of Pakistani influencer and content creator Dananeer Mobeen, and infused his musical touch. The video has hit the right notes, and went viral in no time.

“It was a very fast process. I saw the video on one morning, went to my studio and created the entire mashup in two-three hours. I put it out, and it has been breaking my personal YouTube records. It’s my fastest two million views’ video. So, the things I make spontaneously, work and the things in which I put too much mind, they don’t really work that much,” he explains.

Mukhate is kicked that he has also got a token of appreciation from Dananeer herself. “I sent her the video, and she liked it. In fact, she danced to it, too. I also got to know that she spoke in that way intentionally, which is brilliant. She was expecting it to become a meme,” he reveals with excitement.

On his composition being shared widely by actors, Mukhate feels that the starry touch gets credibility to his work. “The moment I put out the video, stars started commenting on the video, and that brings credibility to the video,” he tells us.

The result of his recent viral videos is the flooded DM section. “So many people send me their videos asking me to make something out of it. In fact, Pawri Ho Rai Hai video was also sent to me by someone. I just downloaded it and started working on it and I enjoyed the process,” says Mukhate, who also created Twadda Kutta Tommy dialogue rap featuring former Bigg Boss contestant and singer, Shehnaaz Gill.

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