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Renee Zellweger doesn't want children

The actress has "no ambition" to be a mother and loves her independence.
None | By BANG Showbiz, London
UPDATED ON APR 04, 2008 04:59 PM IST

The Leatherheads actress whose six-month marriage to country singer Kenny Chesney was annulled in December 2005 - has "no ambition" to be a mother, and would rather concentrate on enjoying her independence.

She said: "Motherhood has never been an ambition. I don't think like that. I never have expectations like, 'When I'm 19 I'm going to do this, and by the time I've hit 25 I'm going to do that'. I just take things as they come, each day at a time, and if things happen then all well and good.

"I just want to be independent and be able to take care of myself. Anything else is just gravy. I'm very happy, I like my work and I don't want fame and fortune and all the free stuff."

Renee has also revealed she has finally got used to dealing with the intense interest in her private life.

The Cold Mountain star can remember one ludicrous rumour that she had got engaged to Jim Carrey while shooting Bridget Jones's Diary in 2001.

She added to Britain's The Times newspaper: "I arrived on set to a round of applause from the crew. The rumour was that I'd been proposed to the night before. But I was in bed the night before and he was out of the country. It's amazing some of the things you read about yourself. I'd only been dating him for a couple of months!"

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