Anupamaa written update June 18: Ankush joins Anuj’s business, GK gets suspicious of Barkha's intentions

Updated on Jun 18, 2022 03:59 PM IST

Anupamaa written update June 18: Ankush asks Anuj if he can join his business. Though taken aback, Ankush. GK gets worried and suspicious of Barkha's intentions.

A still from Anupamaa.
A still from Anupamaa.

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Barkha finally makes Ankush enter Anuj’s business. GK gets suspicious of her intentions. Anupamaa convinces Anuj to not get anxious about Ankush. However, Barkha’s plan has just started as she has even bigger intentions in mind. Read this article to know the full story. (Also Read | Anupamaa written update June 17: Anuj confronts Barkha; Pakhi insults Vanraj for being 'middle-class')

Ankush asks Anuj to join his business

Barkha and Ankush have come to India after their business shut down in the US. Barkha has planned to get into the Kapadia empire since day one. She sidelined Anupamaa during the party but failed to make her name in front of the media. However, this time she manages to convince Ankush to ask Anuj if he can join his business. Anuj is taken by shock but he immediately agrees. Later, he says that the final decision would be taken by the owner only and that is Anupamaa. Anupamaa gets angry at Anuj for putting her in such a tricky situation.

GK also gets suspicious of Barkha and her intentions but says nothing. Even though Ankush has entered Anuj’s company as his brother, Barkha’s ambitions don’t stop here. She wants Ankush to become Anuj’s business partner with an equal say in the business. On the other hand, Anuj gets anxious as he worries their relationship will turn sour if money is involved. Anupamaa convinces him that he can manage both relationships and business together with love and patience. What will happen when they find out the true reason behind Barkha rekindling her relationship with them? Keep reading to know more.

Vanraj and Pakhi make up

Pakhi has created a lot of issues for the Shah family in the previous episode. Samar and Toshu try to convince her that even if she wants to visit her mother, she can’t talk to their father like that. Pakhi continues to feel angry but subsequently, she makes up with her father. Vanraj is still anxious about Anupamaa’s status and class coming in between him and his kids. His worries are not false, Pakhi is still planning to go to Anupamaa’s house. Will Vanraj let his kids get away from him?

Anupamaa also starts her dance classes again. Anuj, Ankush, and Anupamaa leave for work while Barkha continues to plot against them. Sara is impressed by Anupamaa for managing home and work together. In the upcoming episode, we will see Sara and Anupamaa visiting the Shah mansion. Anupamaa will be shocked to find out Vanraj’s feelings for her new family as he stops his kids from going to Anupamaa’s house. GK will find out Barkha’s secret. Keep reading for more updates.

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