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Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 3 spoilers: Internet is going into spiral over the new episode

ByBhavika Rathore
Jun 12, 2024 11:33 AM IST

Episode 3 of The Acolyte deepens the mystery, questions Mae and Osha’s past and elicits interesting reactions from netizens.

Star Wars The Acolyte released episode 3 on Tuesday, June 11. It was a flashback episode combining flashbacks, excellent cast performances, a touch of fantasy, and a deep dive into the show's philosophical theme. 

Official poster (Star Wars/
Official poster (Star Wars/

After the first two episodes explained how Mae and Osha’s lives are what they are today, the new episode focused on the events of the past and how they occurred in the High Republic era. The episode has elicited interesting reactions from the audience to the new chapter.

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The Acolyte Episode 3 deepens the mystery of the show

The flashback episode intrigued fans with the plot of how the twins were raised by the coven in their early years. The timeline of the episode is set in 16 years ago. The plot hints at reasons why Mei wanted to kill the four Jedi and the Sith got tied into the events. The episode filled in the blanks as it provided context to the happenings of the present. The episode explains why the twins are different from each other and their situation with the Jedi.

According to IGN, the episode was partially intriguing and partially frustrating as it should be, given it is the third instalment in the eight-episode-long series.

However, the most intriguing part of the episode was it raised more questions as Osha escaped the fire initiated by Mae, she found all the witches dead with only Mae and Sol left. Mae fell to her apparent death and Sol takes in Osha. But the whole incident was from Osha’s point of view and only Mae’s viewpoint can now reveal the unknown killer of the witches and the villain– Sith.

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Netizens have a mixed reaction towards the new episode

It is ultimately the viewers who decide the success of an episode or a series. Episode 3 of The Acolytes elicited mixed reactions from the audience. The viewers shared their thoughts about the episode on social media platforms. A user on X wrote, “Wow 8 minutes into The Acolyte episode 3 and I'm already done. I don't even think this is the "controversial" part. This isn't Star Wars anymore. I hate it here.” A second user defended the episode, “Since “Star Wars is dead” now and The Acolyte is pure “woke propaganda garbage”, we shouldn’t be hearing from these people who griped so much about episodes 1 and 2 right? They won’t torture themselves in episode 3 and then complain even more right??”

One user commented, “Episode 3 of #TheAcolyte was very interesting, & very, very unique...always love seeing the particular interpretations of what the Force means to different cultures throughout the galaxy. It's the same energy, yet not everyone connects with it the same way. Great episode.”

Another user piped in, “It was a total pile of s**t. This is like Power Rangers quality storytelling.”

Other users questioned the hate the episode is receiving as they wrote, “ok then. Just finished Episode 3 of #TheAcolyte… what exactly was the problem?? I’ve read many people say this episode was going to stink and destroy Star Wars. What exactly did I miss? Am I crazy, that was probably the best episode out of the first 3 so far lol,” where another agreed and wrote “Episode 3 does not deserve all the hate it got over the last week. The “woke” themes were very subtle and were blown out of proportion online.”

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