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Get rid of monsoon hair woes

While the monsoon brings with it a whiff of romance, an excuse to indulge in hearty pakoras, and a lot of masti — it also makes way for headache-inducing hair woes! The problems that one can face...

fashion and trends Updated: Jul 01, 2013 01:26 IST
Sonali Pawar
Sonali Pawar
Hindustan Times

While the monsoon brings with it a whiff of romance, an excuse to indulge in hearty pakoras, and a lot of masti — it also makes way for headache-inducing hair woes! The problems that one can face can range from a greasy scalp, dandruff, limpness, frizziness to hair fall. Due to humidity in the air, your hair tends to also get sticky and looses it’s natural texture. Lack-lustre locks also become difficult to style.

So, if you are prone to pick up a curling or straightening iron at whim, the season is not for you. Read on to know how to fight these problems.

Hair packs for the rainy days
We tell you about some hair packs that can help you get back soft, lush locks.

Dry Hair: Mix two to three drops of honey and curd and apply the mix on your hair evenly. Wash the pack after 15-20 minutes. Mash and muddle two ripe bananas (for medium length hair) and apply the semi-solid paste on your hair before washing your hair.

Oily Hair: After washing your hair, squeeze half a lemon in water and rinse your hair with the juice; Apply egg white on your hair and wash after a while for immediate effect.

Normal: Pour out beer in a container, and after washing your hair, wash with it as you would with a conditioner. You can add to the treatment by applying curd which has been mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and rinse it out.

Inputs by beauty experts-Komal Gulati and Kanchan Mehra

Monsoon friendly hairstyles
Another name for hair buns, you can achieve this style by pinning your hair at the nape of your neck. Messy is in so you can even try the dishevelled version by not opting for a tight knot. While loose hair is more prone to rain damage, the tied version prevents it. Accesorise with fresh flowers to make the look breezy.

Bewitching braids
Braids are back in fashion with a bang, and if you are planning to step out on a rainy day, they might be your best bet. Go for a suave fishtail, a classy French version or Heidi-style milkmaid braids that keep loose strands away from your nape, and make you look style-perfect. Also experiment with scrunchy-less bob-pinned twist tails.

Ponytail pretty
If you want to go simple and subdued, our pick would be ponytails. Secure your hair at the back of your head and have fun with accessories. You need to keep your hair as tidy as you can even when you have an umbrella to shield you, so a ponytail can make your job easier. Go for a low-nape ponytail if you have short hair, and longer lengths should opt for high ponytails.

Get lustrous locks like dips
I think it’s really important for us to gear up well in advance, in order to keep our hair protected from the rains. Being an actor, we have to be on the top of our beauty game, always, so we have to find our niche and our comfort zone when it comes to our hair care regimen. With the right treatment, I know that I can keep my hair lustrous and stylish even in this bad, bad weather. Apart from the monsoon, everyone knows that my work involves a lot of travelling and exposure to extreme climatic conditions — that again ends up taking a toll on my locks.

Apart from the regular hair wash, conditioning and a nutritious diet to keep my hair healthy and going, I indulge in regular warm coconut hair oil massages. The massages work in wondrous ways as they help me fight three major problems that my hair faces — split-ends, dryness and extreme frizz. These problems come in the way when I am styling my hair, but the coconut helps me to combat all three.

First Published: Jun 30, 2013 16:11 IST