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Go with the flow: 2011 trend alert

Whether fitted or flared, fashion’s all about a return to retro cuts and drapes. The most prominent trend for the coming year for spring/summer for men and women will be...

fashion and trends Updated: Dec 25, 2010 16:59 IST
Hindustan Times

Women’s fashion

Hot trends

Anita Dongre, Designer and creative director, Designs India

The most prominent trend for the coming year for spring/summer for women will be:

The Seventies look

The Seventies look will be a big trend and used as an inspiration for dresses to blouses.

Get waisted: The natural waistline will be well defined – be it a dress, a skirt or trousers. All silhouettes will accentuate the natural waist. This trend makes for a feminine and elegant look.

Straight and flared

Kurtas: For Indian wear, kurtas will range from the straight shape to slightly flared shapes created with gathers, pintucks, pleats and panels. For evening wear, the flares will be more exaggerated and voluminous.

Skirts and dresses: For skirts, the ideal length will be till the mid calf (when it is a pencil skirt fitted at the waist). For a flared skirt, the length would be a three quarter length.

Dresses: Dresses will vary from straight shifts to flared to fitted at the waist. They will be created in popular bright and feminine prints like all over floral. Shift dresses will continue to be in vogue for the next season too as they work very well for day wear.

fashionBlock prints and ombré: For Indian wear, silhouettes in bright block prints and ombré dyeing will be popular.

On-trend colours: Lots and lots of white, sunflower yellow, ink blue, coral, and pink to a hot pink, forest green with a tinge of lime and a neutral nude.

On-trend fabrics: Popular fabrics like cotton in various weaves, such as sheer cotton muls in cutwork and embroidery, will be popular. For evening wear, it will be knits in cotton, viscose, linens and georgette silks, along with chiffons. In Indian wear, the hot fabrics will be mainly cotton muls and chanderis along with georgettes and chiffons for evening wear.

On-trend cuts: Cuts will range from the complete off shoulder to one shoulder to knotted halters exposing the shoulders. Waists will be redefined and trousers would be flared – inspired by the Seventies.

Dress lengths will go below calf and for resort wear, relaxed dressing involving midi to maxi length ensembles will be ideal. Added volume in tiered and paneled shapes will give such ensembles a feminine and beautiful movement.

For Indian wear, the emphasis will be on the waist. Kurtas will be paneled and darted with panels to enhance the shape of the waist.

must-have garment. The Seventies popular maxi dress will make a comeback. Whether in solids or prints or ombré dyed, it is the hot new must-have dress for this next summer.

The bold and the beautiful
Bold bursts of colour set the stage for next year

Makeup and Hair
Get creative

Natasha Nischol, Virginia Holmes, Founders, Fat Mu Pro Make-Up
Colour, Colour and more Colour!
Forget your safe black – from bold graphic blocks of colour to acid washes it’s all go, loud and in all textures, from glossy to cream to matt to even chalky. It’s not about subtlety either, it’s bold and confident on eyes, lips and cheeks, nails.

Glitter and seventies disco revival
Don’t shy away from this trend – it’s here to stay and see the year out. One tone, two tone glitter – it’s out in a vast array of colours on the lids and under the eyes. Brows take a back seat here and coloured glitter steals the limelight. Think Seventies, Studio 54, and disco glitter glamour. Again, no half measures do it loud and make us proud.

Art attack
Makeup and hair join up to get creative with makeup merging with hair in different textures from liquids to creams to glitters. Treat your face and hair and body as an open canvas and see how creative you dare to go.

Inner highlight
Makeup artists always highlight the inner corners of eyes to bring them out and accentuate them. 2011 is all about this vital area of the face, but putting a different twist on it. Keeping in the theme of colour for next year, try highlighting in different colours, it’s creative and cool.

Neutral sculpting
There is of course a look for those afraid of the colour trend – a modern take on the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. It’s discovering products and techniques that highlight your face and contour seamlessly in an invisible way. Makeup artistes call it ‘sculpting’ the face highlight the areas you want to bring forward, contour the correct shapes for your face for definition. It’s an artistic approach – working with light and dark, you can use matt or creamy, reflective products depending on what look you want. But remember it’s invisible and blending is key.

Winds of change
Men’s wardrobes get an update with punchy colours, funky trousers and the new must-have shorts

Men’s Fashion
Go cool
AMIT GT, Fashion designer

Menswear is not what it used to be when I started doing it seven years ago. There used to be fewer labels and very staid styles (read: boring) available in the market. Even men used to be less experimental with their look. This lack of energy in menswear made me take a break, but thank God, it all changed in the last few years.

Now we have so much to choose from, more men’s magazines to promote men’s fashion and even a men’s fashion week to guide men what to wear. All this has made me excited to relaunch my men’s line next year.

Next year will be a very exciting year for men's fashion as I foresee what we have seen on our International and desi runways (barring those feminine drapes) will trickle down to high streets as well.

The best thing about menswear next year is that there is no single monotonous look. Designers around the world have raided various heritage looks and genres and made new hybrids in a more relaxed fussfree way.

Next year, fashion is all about stashing a few pieces from your dad’s safari wardrobe, mixing it with your granddad’s dust coats and pleated widelegged trousers and still keeping your own college days biker/jean jackets and sporty shoes from school days.

Neon colours like royal blue, orange and candy pink will either be seen in colour block schemes or in a splattering of hues over neutrals for summer.

Shirts and trousers
Multi-pocketed shirts worn either with almost legging-like pants, as shown at Anne Demeulemeester, or loose wide trousers, as at Dior or Rag and Bone, will be in. Cropped T-shirts to flash your abs or wide cutout necklines would mean skin show is on the cards.

Stripes and prints
Bold stripes in two tones will give a nautical air to otherwise relaxed work wear looks. Printed suits and stained prints as shown at Rohit Gandhi- Rahul Khanna will be a potent trend.

Fabrics and cuts
Athletism in the most prim of styles will influence the choice of materials from micro-perforated fabrics to polyamides mixed with traditional textiles. The lazy boy look will be the new ‘cool’. Silhouettes will be relaxed and roomier than ever in the past two decades.

Must-have – shorts
Shorts in various lengths will be a hot item for summer. Designers have teamed them up with Havana shirts, printed Jamaican shirts and formal suits.

Winter trends
For winters, goth meets futurist will be the key look. Expect lot of chains, metallic details and dark, mysterious themes.

The biggest accessory for men to flaunt will be the humble attache case spruced up with all sorts of details. Footwear with jute details (male espadrilles) will also do the rounds.

For women
Twist in time
Vibrant colours and ‘done hair’ are in DIP / DYE COLOUR!: The hair is given a ‘dipped’ in colour feel. From rainbow to one colour, it’s your choice what you go for – it can be edgy with dark roots or dark tips of the hair, or playful pink streaks or cool blue.
Check out Sixties and Seventies looks with a modern twist. With short hair, it’s Mia Farrow-inspired pixie cuts – adding colour or feathered softness will give a current feel to this look. For long hair, think Seventies – from big candyfloss hair to the triangle look of flat on top with major body and volume at the ends.

'Done' hair
Trends to watch out for is hair that has been ‘done’– updos that have a retro twist with a solid structure. Effort has been made here for that special look, hair is smooth and prepped before being styled. Great for elegant nights out.

The double knot
It involves a style that looks effortless but isn’t as easy as it looks. Hair can be naturally dried or blow-dried, but not over styled. The double knot is then tied at the back, giving an effortless twist for 2011. Get practicing ladies – it’s a great look for lunches or a casual chic look.

Colour me bad
Like makeup it’s all about colour. Think drama and being bold, bottom line: whatever your colour is change it!

Flower power hairbands, metallic and shiny hair clips. Slim headbands made in leather, cloth and crystals.

For men
Size matters!
Military crew cut style: Men are keeping it short and minimal for next year.

Justin Bieber's swept to the side with lenght
For a short to mid-length crop, try the Bieber-inspired hair to one side and swept forward.

Faux hawk
If you want short hair, with a little length on top, style up or the side to cheat the Mohawk. Great for corporate guys who have their office look in the week but want to funk it up at weekends.

Finally, 2011 is going to be a crazy and creative year for makeup and hair trends. Be brave and remember your best face is yet to come.

From HT Brunch, December 26

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First Published: Dec 24, 2010 15:56 IST