Your phone can wear different looks, just like you do.(Unsplash)
Your phone can wear different looks, just like you do.(Unsplash)

Here is a way to keep your phone stylish and elegant

Do your outfits pop with colour or are you more subtle and want your style to convey your laid back persona? Even if you are somewhere in between, it’s easy to dress your phone according to your natural style.
Hindustan Times, Delhi | By Nitasha Chawla
UPDATED ON AUG 10, 2019 03:51 PM IST

It won’t be wrong to say that smartphone is an accessory which everyone has in common, irrespective of their gender. Yes, we know that technically it’s a gadget but it’s something that you don’t leave home without? It’s something that you are always wearing. It is also an entertainer, a buddy and our own little world. Like everything we possess is a reflection of our style, personality and even our mood,

phones too have become an accessory that can be styled differently. Think about it. Your phone can wear different looks, just like you do. Feeling quirky? Pick up a cover that has cheery colour, pattern or a saying! Just as you want your clothes to speak your personality, allow your phone to speak up as well. Here are a few of the best ways to make sure your phone looks as stylish as you:


Add a little flair to your phone with style selections that won’t go unnoticed.

The Ring: The attachment from the ring to your phone can have all kinds of different designs or colours. You can match or contrast your ring to your phone’s case design. The ring is convenient because you can hold your phone much more easily.

Phone Wallet: They are cute, trendy, and handy! You can always have your essentials on you without needing to carry a traditional wallet or purse. The wallet can hold your ID, driver’s license, and credit card. It is snug so nothing will fall out, and it’s completely stylish!


If you find it monotonous to commit to just one colour, printed cases is all you need. For those who get bored too often with their phone covers, covers in interesting patterns are a great choice. There are so many cases with beautiful summer designs such as sunflowers, cactus, and beach scenes. The options are endless once you dive into all the different choices you have for a summer look.

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