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If wishes had wings...

Do not be a 'brand hag', keep your warm smile intact Jaydeep Ghosh wishes for a more sensibly fashionable 2009.

fashion and trends Updated: Dec 29, 2008 14:47 IST
Jaydeep Ghosh
Jaydeep Ghosh
Hindustan Times

Yet another year is passing us by and unfortunately I don’t think we can say: “all’s well that ends well”, because the end hasn’t really been good. I am sure we all are secretly wishing that 2009 is a better year but fiscal pundits are definitely not very optimistic. Still, it is on hope that we survive.

I have some wishes for 2009, which I’d like to share. Mind you, these are not of macro stature whereby I’d wish poverty to be eradicated. I do wish for these to happen but I don’t see that happening in a year’s time. My wishes are small, very easily applicable and I believe that if these are fulfilled, at least we in the capital would be happy.

I sincerely wish our denizens get a little subtler about things and give up the flashiness. If you have a closet full of luxury clothes, you need not pile up all at a go and be a walking-talking advertisement for the Emporio mall. A Gap shirt looks great with a pair of Gucci pants and basic loafers that you picked up from China. You need not go for Versace, Gucci and Prada, all together. That would only slot you as a ‘brand-hag’. And god, please save us from the logo-mania. Interlocked ‘Gs’, entwined ‘Cs’, ulta-pulta ‘Fs’, spangled ‘LVs’ and ‘CDs’. Save those alphabets to help your toddler learn the A B C Ds. <b1>

The ‘bag craze’ too has been hitting the roof. A 16-year-old expects a designer bag on her birthday and the boyfriend makes it happen somehow. Is romance being overshadowed? I also wish that the lady in her fashionable high-waist pants is able to bend to pick up her wailing baby. I wish not being behind a fashionista in killer heels while climbing a flight of stairs because that would be a painfully slow climb.

Tummy tuck as a package deal with the delivery of a baby may be healthy for the doctor’s bank balance, but definitely not for you mommy. And breast-feeding is now not just great for you and the baby, but fashionable too. Didn’t you see Angelina Jolie?<b2>

Last but not the least, I wish to hear some intelligent conversations and not just, “Oh that outfit makes your butt look pert!” Some genuine smiles, warmth and friends. Not the types whom you greet with a ‘Hey gorgeous’ and moment she turns away, you sneer, “Umm, must be falsies.” Seriously we’ve had enough of plastic smiles. Plastic money probably bankrupted the Goliath banks, now plastic smiles shouldn’t bankrupt us of our emotions!

First Published: Dec 27, 2008 15:08 IST