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Make the most of sale season with our guide

Walking through a store on sale can be like navigating a battlefield. Piles of clothes lie where neat stacks once were, you suddenly cannot decide whether you like the orange dress or the one in green, and those shoes? But worry not. Get the tactical advantage with our expert tips.

fashion and trends Updated: Jul 09, 2014 15:59 IST
Shweta Mehta Sen
Shweta Mehta Sen
Hindustan Times
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Right, so we’re hoping to find that great-looking, perfectly fitting dress. Or those amazing shoes we eyed two weeks ago (yay, they’ll be on half price now).

But there’s more to making the best of sale season than just landing up with a credit card. Piles of clothes lie where neat stacks once were, you suddenly cannot decide whether you like the orange dress or the one in green, and those shoes? Now, where could they have gone?

Follow our guide to make the most of the sale season, that’s just started.

Statement sunglasses

There are shades you wear every day. And then there are those you’ll wear when feeling adventurous. They may not be worth buying at full price, but now, the price won’t hurt as much.

Bright clutch
We bet your wardrobe has the staple black, white and metallic purses, but you find yourself lusting after a neon or printed clutch every now and then. If the price has been holding you back, now’s the time to clutch at it.

Bold lipstick
Not everyone can pull off orange or purple lips, but these shades are in. Think it’s too expensive to buy at full price on a whim? See if it’s cheaper now.

Ballet flats
Yes, the market is flooded with affordable closed shoes, but you’d have to be really lucky to find a durable pair you like. On sale, a sturdy pair in leather is a buy that will withstand the test of time.

Formal blazer
This is a good time to invest in a quality blazer. It’s not winter, so these will sport the lowest prices now. A great trick to go from formal to casual is to look for funky prints on the under-side of the sleeves. Roll ’em up and you’re good to party.

Printed skirt
You’ll wear neutral, solid shades more, but get a printed one if you think it’ll go with two tops you already own.

Thou shalt play by the rules

1 Know what you want: You don’t want to land up not knowing what you want, or what you already own. Look into your wardrobe, and make a list before you head out. However, don’t be hell-bent on continuing your spree until you’ve got everything.

2 It’s cheaper.Doesn’t mean it’s for you: Stay true to your personality, the same way you would during a regular store visit. If you buy something uncharacteristic just because it’s cheaper, or just because your friend’s eyeing it, you’ll either be uncomfortable in it, or, more likely, never wear it at all.

3 Buy investment pieces: It’s not just about hunting for the cheapest price-tags. A basic tee may be cheaper, but a perfectly fitted jacket or pair of jeans will last longer. So, even if some items stretch your budget (compensate by buying fewer overall items), they may be worth the investment.

4 Buy the size you are, not hope to be: You may fall in love with an item only to find out they don’t have it in your size. Don’t buy a size too small, telling yourself you can lose weight to fit into it. As a rule, a good fit should be judged by having flat zips, skirts and trousers hanging straight from the buttocks (not curving under), room for movement at the sleeves and upper arm, and place to fit a finger beneath a waistband.

5 It’s a battle; look for the wounded: During a sale, people pick something out with care, but when they don’t want it, it’s discarded unceremoniously. As a result, items, especially delicate ones, get damaged. So thoroughly inspect your picks for flat seams and hemlines, holes, chipped buttons or loose threads. And the rules of discarding apply to you too, so be gentle.

(With inputs by stylist Shreya Jagtap and image consultant Malini Hemlani)

First Published: Jul 09, 2014 15:47 IST