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Meet Mr Champu Chaman

As we continue with our mission to turn our city fashionable with our special series, Style In the City, hundreds of Delhiites have joined in and vowed not to be caught dead committing heinous fashion crimes.

fashion and trends Updated: May 20, 2012 07:53 IST
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As we continue with our mission to turn our city fashionable with our special series, Style In the City, hundreds of Delhiites have joined in and vowed not to be caught dead committing heinous fashion crimes.

A large number of readers have written to us sharing their pet fashion peeves and told us how they would like Delhi to dress better. We have also received many stylish pictures, some of which have found their way onto this page today.

For the next nine days, HT City staffers will continue to pose as fashion duds to help themselves...and readers keep fashion blunders at bay. Here’s to a stylish city!

Hum hain Champu Chaman
HT City’s senior visualiser, Biswendu Chowdhury plays ‘Champu Chaman’ to tell you how Delhi men sometime mish-mash casual accessories with formal clothing. Champu Chaman can go bungee jumping in stiff formal shirt and trousers, hitched up to his chest. He rolls up his sleeves to show off a sports watch and teams up sports shoes with formal pants, maybe so he could run away to safety when the fashion police gives him a chase!

How not to be a Champu
* Go for sharp cuts and custom made trousers. Those with a heavy built should avoid pleated trousers.
* To look slimmer, wear slim ties and slim belts. Belts with big or chunky buckles are a big no-no. Being miserly won’t help — invest in a quality leather belt.
* A well-fitted shirt means that the sleeves and the collar are just the right size, apart from the overall fit. Make sure all buttons are fastened on the shirt, including the small ones.
* Go for a necktie in solid colours, if you are wearing a checked shirt, and team up diagonal ties with plain shirts. Make sure the tie touches the buckle of your belt — which should be coordinated with the footwear.
* In winter, you can team up a formal blazer with matching or contrast trousers. If you are short, go for a single-breasted, two-buttoned blazer with a slim lapel.
* Wrong shoes can ruin your style. Formal lace-up shoes in neutral shades such as black and dark brown are ideal for the formal look. You could also wear brogue and Oxford style shoes. Sneakers, moccasins and trainers should never be a part of your formal wardrobe.
* Avoid white socks and sporty, oversized watches. Go for a round or rectangle dial with a simple leather strap. Chain or chunky straps in gold or silver look tacky. And for God’s sake, don’t wear bracelets.
* The bag you carry is also reflective of your style. Never go for back packs with formals and invest in a good leather bag. Also, don’t carry water bottles that would remind one of school days.

Experts on Champu Chaman

Overweight men should not wear stripes. Ill-fitting trousers with belts may also make their beer belly stick out. Some of them also apply hair oil 24/7. It’s the worst kind of fashion assault
Yatan Ahluwalia, stylist

Champu Chamans wear black and grey every single day of their life. Some wear a bright purple shirt with a bright red tie and think they look hot! Their suits, too, are mostly awful. Boys, when in doubt, ask yourself: What would James Bond wear?
Nandini Bhalla, editor,Cosmopolitan India

Wearing sneakers with formal pants is a big fashion blunder. Champu Chamans also often wear their trouser either too high or too low
Neena Haridas, Editor, Marie Claire India

Champu Chamans wear funny suits. The shoulders of the suits are too big and the sleeves are too long. The trousers are baggy and they end up bunching up and it looks as if they are wearing a churidar with a formal shirt
Simran Arya, stylist

Champu Chamans have a fascination for monkey caps. They also pair ties with weird patterns with their formal shirt
Joey Matthew, model

Fashion Bloopers
I saw an overweight girl wearing a skin-tight top with tights in the Metro. Why can’t people dress up according to their body type?
– Pallavi Rustagi

I shuddered when I saw a girl in the Metro in sheer leggings that made her underwear visible. – Kanika Sharma

I spotted a girl who had matched her clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and even the lip colour and eye-shadow. She looked like a real horror. – Karishma Kambo

Make me stylish

Hi, I’m 20, 6 ft tall, dark-skinned, with an average built. I am a little fat around the tummy and thighs. I mostly wear jeans and tees. I want my look to be simple yet stylish. What should I wear to look my best? –Himanshu

Dear Himanshu,
If your tummy and thighs are your problem area, go for regular and comfort fit clothing and avoid skin-hugging clothes. Wear polo T-shirts instead of round neck tees. Go for dark and solid colours to cover the flab. Wear cotton and linen shirts which do not clingy to the skin and team them with custom made, sharp-fit trousers. Avoid wearing broad belts. – Pawan Sachdeva, fashion designer

Style for me is...
Simplicity Kamran Akbar Khan

Being me: Being who I am. Being Original Isha Sharma

Fusion: Blending modernity with tradition Megha Sabharwal

What our readers say

Namira Khan: Awesome campaign started by HTCity! I’m going to enjoy the upcoming days of Style In The City :)

Nidhi Newar Birla: Very very interesting...hope Delhi will see nicely dressed people after this campaign...

Aanchal Arora: Amazing campaign. I happen to know people who are consistent in creating fashion disasters. Hope they read this and mend their ways.

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Inputs from designers Vineet Bahl and Bharat Grover

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First Published: May 19, 2012 17:13 IST