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Nakhre sporty Billo ke

Do you tromp about town in A track suit paired with staggering heels, jewellery and and makeup? Baby, run home and make some fashion amends.

fashion and trends Updated: May 29, 2012 00:32 IST
Hindustan Times

Dear readers, we are delighted by the fabulous response you have given to HT City’s Style In The City. We are receiving thousands of mails in which Delhiites have pledged to make style choices wisely.

Today, meet two lucky readers, Tarun Dhiman and Dheeraj Singh, who got a makeover at Claridges Hotel, Delhi, on Friday, and also won designer outfits. We will keep glamming up the city, and who knows, you could be the next lucky winner of a fashion revamp. Here’s to a well dressed Delhi!

Sporty Billo



hai yeh


This woman goes shopping in her bright tracksuit, that she teams with high heels, chunky jewellery and loud makeup. Our copy editor, Shruti Dargan, shows you what a Sporty Billo looks like. She thinks ‘sporty’ is in, confuses fashion with tracksuits and goes to places where she shouldn’t be caught dead in workout attire.

Baby, a tracksuit is meant for the gym. Teaming it with jewellery and makeup only shows how hard you are trying to tell us you dress up effortlessly. Sorry, but you are a real fashion spoilsport!

How not to be a Sporty Billo

* Remember that tracksuits are gymming attire. They are not meant to be worn in a mall or to a restaurant.

* Never wear heels with your tracksuit. The combination looks ridiculous. Pairing jewellery with track suits is also tacky. Also, you don’t need accessories with gym-wear.

* There should be no trace of makeup on your face when you wear a tracksuit. Keep your hairstyle simple.

-Gautam Gupta, Designer

Style gurus on Sporty Billo

I once saw a Sporty Billo who came to pick up her son from school. She wore a tracksuit with killer heels, crystal studded belt and she even had blond hair

-Anupamaa Dayal, designer

Often seen at airport lounges, Sporty Billos wear a size-too-small peachy fuzzy trackpant, and have plenty of straw coloured streaks. Add a little Chihuahua in their crystallized gym bag and the look is complete!

-Rishi Raj, stylist

I saw a newly married Sporty Billo out for a walk wearing a pink tracksuit, loud pink lip colour, and lots of gold bangles. She left her well-done hair loose. God help such women

-Leena Singh, designer

The funniest Sporty Billo I have seen had colour matched her makeupwith her tracksuit! This aunty wore a bright orange tracksuit, and her eyes, lips and nails were orange too!

-Shival Ghai, makeup artist

Thank you, Dear Readers

Neha Bisht: Superb guys...The people who got their makeovers are looking really good in their new look. Well done HT City

Varsha Shokeen: Today’s brand factory column was nice

Marie Gupta: Delhi is full of these kind of people who love to flaunt brands... Maybe HT’s initiative will help them change

Bhavya Singh: Many ‘Brand Factories’ can be found near Metro stations and in malls in the city

Manvi Malhotra: Style in the City is an amazing column. I love it

Ashish Tura: I am a big fan of your Style In The City Page. It’s awesome and I appreciate the effort that HT City has made for its readers. HT City proves that it’s the best by doing such fun activities. God bless you all

Tanya Dua: I read Style in the City and it’s a great series which has helped to create awareness about style and trends we gave our READERs a new look!

Meet HT City readers

who won a style makeover and WERE GIFTED DESIGNER OUTFITS. we sum up their fashion experience

Tarun Dhiman, 27, businessman

Tarun Dhiman claimed that he had always been a boho — faded tees, ripped jeans, junk jewellery and dishevelled hair is his style. When we told him we had a formal look for him in our mind, he seemed pretty aghast.

“Boho chic is what suits me the most. I have never ever worn a formal shirt. Please don’t do this to me,” he pleaded. Designer Anushree Jain gave a very unconvinced and upset looking Tarun a light blue formal shirt, and black trousers, teamed with a black belt.

Tarun’s spiked hair was tamed with gel, he was (almost forcibly) given a shave and was made to take off all the junk jewellery he wore. When the makeover was complete, Tarun couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Hey, this is not me! What have you guys done?I never imagined that I could look so good in a formal look. And my family is going to be delighted to see me look this civilized,” said Tarun.

Dheeraj Singh, 23, engineering student

Designer Bharat Grover felt that Dheeraj hadn’t been dressing his age. So, the youngster was given a white shirt with a colourful panel on the button line, teamed with beige trousers.

His hair was cut and styled into spikes. “I am very happy with my new look. Thank you HT City,” said Dheeraj after his makeover.

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First Published: May 28, 2012 16:47 IST