Kylie Jenner rocks a catsuit with a puffer jacket.
Kylie Jenner rocks a catsuit with a puffer jacket.

Puffer jacket: The season’s celebrity approved trend

Winter is now all about looking stylish in warm outerwear that make a statement.
Hindustan Times | By Akshay Kaushal
UPDATED ON DEC 08, 2020 03:08 PM IST

Who says that you need to sacrifice comfort to look cool in winter? Gone are the days when no matter how chilly the weather conditions would be, we would brave the cold in the sassiest of the outfits which revealed a hint of our skin and cover ourself with fancy stoles only for formality’s sake. With stylish layering ideas, trendy overcoats and even woollen sweaters, hoodies and mufflers, winter is now all about looking stylish in warm outerwear. And once considered to be non-fashionable, the padded or puffer jackets are now a hit. There are celebrities and fashionistas wearing puffer jackets on the streets and its only adding to their coolness quotient. There are different variations of puffer jackets being sold by high street and designer brands. From cropped, oversized, colour-blocked to the new entrant the long length puffer jacket, they surely make for a smart pick this season. Here’s what style experts have to say.


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“Once considered a thing for the hikers, puffer jackets found a new place in the designer’s moodboard. They made sure they reinvented these padded jackets and make them look cool. A lot of it were seen on the ramp last season and high street brands are full of these, which only tells us that puffer jackets are here to stay,” says menswear designer Dhruv Vaish.


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Styling it right is pertinent to nail the look. Wear it with your denim and tee or turtle necks and sneakers for your casual outing. You can also wear it over a classic suit with tie and create an impressionable statement. Ladies can style it with their slip dresses and some accessories to get noticed,” adds stylist Vikram Seth.

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