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This Mumbai film-maker went from fat to fit, he tells you how

Three years ago, his weight hit 114kg. the heaviest I had ever been, but now he weighs 79kg

fitter mumbai Updated: Jul 28, 2017 17:19 IST
Madhusree Ghosh
Madhusree Ghosh
Hindustan Times
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Nitesh Ranglani (before and after)(HT)

Nitesh Ranglani, 26, short film maker, describes his journey from fat to fit

“One summer in college, I had a job distributing pamphlets at a mall. Two very pretty girls called me ‘Uncle’. I was 18.

Growing up, I was always overweight. Even as a child.

It made me shy and hesitant. I stayed off the field when it came to sports. I used to love to run, but as I grew in size, it was assumed that I would not want to participate.

Through college, my poor eating habits persisted. And I felt invisible. My friends would get invited to parties, and I would get invited as an afterthought. I felt like a third wheel almost all the time.

Then, three years ago, my weight hit 114kg. I was the heaviest I had ever been. I decided to do something about it, but I didn’t know what. I started researching how to lose weight. I read that eating rice at night was not healthy. So I stopped eating rice at dinner. Then I stopped eating rice altogether. I felt lighter. It was a start.

Around this time, a friend joined a martial-arts class and asked if I wanted to go too. That’s when my life really started to change for better.

Among other things, martial arts helped me vent my anger and frustration. I started to lose weight and everyone around me started commenting on this. It felt good.

But I was overdoing it. I was doing three hours of martial arts in the morning, then working on a film set all day.

I had to quit martial arts, but at around the same time I found the Lokhandwala Running Club via Facebook. I ran 8km on the first day! I had not realised how fit I had become!

I have continued to run ever since. I now weigh a healthy 79 kg. I run every day. I cycle and cross-train. I have a better understanding of how the different food groups works; I eat rice, but in the right proportion.

The confidence you get from losing weight is enormous. I can face the world better now.

Losing weight has changed people’s attitudes towards me, especially women. That’s not why I lost the weight, but it feels good.

There was a time when I would show interest in a girl and she would looked at me like, ‘Who’s this fat guy?’ I was body-shamed a lot. All that has changed.

Through it all, my family’s reactions have been hilarious. When I started waking up at 5.30 to go for a run, they would ask me, ‘Where are you going? Are you on drugs?’

Now, my mother flaunts my achievements so much that it’s almost embarrassing. She’ll tell random people, ‘My son runs from Lokhandwala to Bandra and back.’

From a person who grew up eating Frankies and junk food, I don’t even touch soda any more.

Instead, to feel good, I run, or exercise. I have egg whites and milk for breakfast. I eat a bowl of salad a day.

My family has become more health-conscious too. I try and eat healthy even when we go out together — I opt for sabzi-roti rather than carb-heavy Chinese or Italian food.

I reward myself with cheat days. Frankies are still my favourite cheat food.”

First Published: Jul 27, 2017 16:31 IST